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An Invitation for You

The secret to life is to find out what makes you feel joy. Healing is not about fixing ourselves it is about acceptance. Unfortunately, we seldom feel expansive when so much restricts us. Taught experiences generate planetary energy, and our reality is based on those experiences. There is more to life than those things everyone else decides are for our greater good. Meaningful exchanges are healthiest when we respond rather than react, take time to listen over talking, and let others free fall as often and as much as they choose.

The art of living is to help others without complicating things. We often need to guide others or recall experiences for others to relate to, but their healing is up to them. Our healing is up to ourselves, and we wait until we are invited to share. Sometimes we are all just trying to figure out what works in the end. I recall many attempts to straighten myself out, I have many entangled events that led me into many struggles, but when push came to shove, I realized they all had a hand in helping me to develop as a strong and resilient soul.

You generate incredible love when you turn within and stop trying to be a people pleaser. If you don't live for yourself, you won't feel well or experience a life of well-being. Lead yourself along your life's path and demonstrate your most authentic Self. If you cannot find yourself within this world we see as humanity; you become lost in the sea of human unconsciousness.

Only we can decide our strengths and weaknesses for ourselves. If you have called the universe for help, this is your sign that your message has been received. Return home to your heart and listen within the stillness; find freedom as your greatest healer, significantly when you recognize your self-worth.

You may sometimes feel like you are disappearing into the sea of human conformity; take heart; that awareness is opening you to something new. You cannot change what you don't see what needs changing. It is never up to your parents, friends, family, teachers, etc., to define you because you, my dear friend, are undefinable. Look for the truth, get within yourself, listen to the inner voice, quiet the assuming mind, and be a rest. Take time to develop yourself, do not force or pressure yourself. Be available to healthier teachings that open you to self-respect and self-love, and reflect on these nourishing thoughts.

Be mindful, reflect, and sense the intuition around events and decisions. Personal pain can be a deceiver; try to respond, not react. Settle your emotional self and feel into why things feel triggering. Observe how you react to others, yourself, or those constant battles that seem to be relentlessly formulating your journey.

Let's heal together as a collective and be present within ourselves as individuals. Make time to rejuvenate how and discover how unifying it is to serve others as an example. Remember, you did not come into this world to fix how others feel. Your life's purpose is to be as loving and responsive within that love. I remember that the best essence of my healing came within me through the art of taking things slow.

In times of duress, try to be as calm and directive as possible. Take things slowly, be unified within your heart, listen to the inner guidance, quiet the mind, rest, be purposeful, and take things less seriously. We get a bit too uncaring when there is a massive shift of overly serious. I don't feel healthy when constantly trying to behave as an "adult." There is much to be said about healing when one plays and laughs. The inner child needs the outlet of joy and fun! Generate opportunities to share light and play to make this a priority. Meaningful shifts can occur when we engage life within our heart's laughter and joy.

Do what you love and love what you do! The course of life focused solely on work is out of sync with the universe. The world is your playground, now, get out there and play! You define the moment as enjoyable if you laugh and give those around you a hardy giggle. The more we enjoy what we have, who we are with, and where we are in the moment, the more life encourages more of the same. You are not here to suffer the experience, you might find burdens and struggle, but you can uplift those moments as they pass.

What was a burden today will never be your burden for tomorrow if you translate those emotions into a more positive focus. Lean in on the world, take things in stride, and remember you are not without help, love, and support. The universe is intensely watching and listening to you; the question is, are YOU listening to you?

Healthier living requires you to understand better how the world within you is recreating and amplifying the external world. If you don't see how your participation is fundamentally the cause and effect of life, then I invite you to be here weekly to find more messages for healing and asserting a new life for your world to unfurl from the entanglements of your past. Help is here; healing is learning to go within the flow of life and entertain love more unconditionally.

Lend a hand, and be kinder toward someone that may be challenging for you to understand. Trust the shift, change how you relate to others and the world, or help by letting go of everything you think you know is "true." Today is the first day of your journey; realize what is essential and release the rest. We cannot make an actual change by doing what is not changeable. Lead individual lanes of your past to a new outcome by leaving the past exactly where it belongs, in the past. Trust the power of your heart, and help the world by being within heart-based energy.

The world is unhealthy, but there are shifts commencing rapidly. Now be part of the great solution by breaking out of the mold. You are never required to fight for your truth. You are not required to be anything but love for yourself. The world is waiting for you to fall in love with you. Self-love is selfless when it is kind, reliable, and elevated by joy. We all need a substantial shift in how we treat ourselves. We don't need to be unkind to ourselves or judge our choices. We do need to find ourselves now more than ever. You are part of an incredible wave of strength and unity if you do.

Believe in yourself, there is only ONE Soul, ONE Heart, One Universal force of great light, and you are within this just as I am. We are reflectors, demonstrators, projectors, and wisdom carriers. We indeed do have what is necessary within ourselves. Today is your invitation to live with your heart's purpose. Listen to what feels best for you and heal painful ideas that keep you unstable or disoriented. Leaders worldwide, I invite you to rise and shine, stand in your truth, and become the pillar of resolution for those to learn by example.

Love to you all, and may your heart take you within your greatness. I trust you'll find the way, for how can you not? You are the best there is in the sea of this collective light. Many blessings, friend,

I shall remind you weekly of your Soulful healing Self.

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Dec 06, 2022

This was beautiful 🥰 Thank you.

Karen Ann Intuitive
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