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Animal Wisdom

Message from the Animal Kingdom

Greetings from the world of refined energy; we are unconditional healers, way showers, and beneficial synergy to humanity and Mother Earth. We are the animal synergy as oneness; we come today for a healing message to help you intuitively understand how we benefit each other.

Let me begin with who it is channeling through Karen. I am Ariadne, her beloved white cat of fifteen years. I represent the human and animal connection for you to respond to self-enlightenment energy. You might not realize this, but when animals pass away, we do not go through a similar transition as humans; we are not stuck in the ego mind, so there is a rapid transition for our souls.

To be an animal is considered a mastery experience because it is genuine and soulful. The ego never blocks our paths to the Source. We are abundant and consistent in our joyful expression. We do not share humans' pain; however, we have experienced lifetimes as humans, too, because all Source energy can be anything it chooses at any point in this remarkable experience.

As a human, your true calling is to be at rest and become more playful. Humans must hold themselves in grace, be kinder, and endorse their inner child by being open-hearted and carefree. Yes, that is the important message here, to be a willing participant in the game of humor and fun. Run with the joy of a child chasing a firefly, or connect with others by being inside roles that share light, not feed the ego's needs.

People don’t express themselves honestly and edit what they feel or say. The animals of this world, both here and passed, encourage humans to trust their journey to Source. As creatures of the animal world, we forgive everything. There is a blessing within that instinct. To feel this for yourself or others in the life you share as a human requires you to come to a place of selfless love. The power of that love sets you free. We all endure many experiences as the soul to help many dimensions and realms find love and unity.

As animals and nature's creatures, we aim to be your confidants, your pure soul family, and we offer support to you and help carry the healing for our beloved Mother Earth. Our fields connect as a support to humans. Our free will choices are to help transform those energies into pure love. Do not worry; we are thoroughly prepared to be a force of unconditional love in every capacity.

I share a message on behalf of all pet animals and creatures:

"Thank you for everything because we have shared a loving experience from start to finish. Some appear to have unloving situations sometimes, but all life is chosen for the freedom to express life most authentically. Our life destiny as spiritual beings takes shape as the world opens to events and circumstances. Everyone is spiritually prepared to come for their particular journey. Please understand there are no coincidences, and anything is possible. The paths chosen by humans or their counterparts in the animal kingdom take what is needed to connect as souls. We share our love and healing for your healing; although the body has left this world, we remain tethered to you always. We bring this to you now so we can repair what is hurting and heal what is broken. We never feel the guilt or distress you feel, but we accept we are a pertinent part of your best life as love. Today, remember us fondly and realize we call on you occasionally as a reminder of how much we love you. We are within your heart always."

The power of healing relies heavily on the breath of letting go; we know it isn't easy to be free or even trust what is happening as love, but we encourage you all to step back and take a minute to discern your feelings inside yourself. People need to see what is genuine and authentic inside themselves. Try to be as accessible to true self-acceptance and learn to respond within yourselves with as much compassion and forgiveness as possible.

We encourage you to unravel the knots and permit yourself enjoyment—and allow the little moments to bring you a sense of inner balance and harmony. Be mindful to breathe deeply. Learn to trust and fully embrace what you experience is happening for your soul's growth. Trust in how you feel, but discern how those hidden feelings affect your life and invite those you co-create with.

There is only love; we see things as perfect; we share this as our reminder to humanity. Thank you for being a part of this world and being part of this loving universal family. Search your hearts because this is where you will find us, and remember you matter; you are special; we see you, and it is all love.

All our love,

Your eternal cosmic family

Channeled with Love by Karen Ann

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