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Change Into Who You Wish to Become

It may be time to focus on making a better world for yourself; you don't have to be perfect. Let the universe help you find clarifying answers and remain grounded so they can find their way to you.

It is as if we jinx ourselves by attempting to avoid what we fear. From first-hand experience, I understand the value of sometimes just ripping off the Band-Aid. I think there may need to be what I call "an enlightening moment" when we must ask ourselves if what we fear is worth all the worry, stress, and discomfort it places on us. Just remember there is always a solution to every problem.

Don't lose sight that you are not alone. Recognize when people or situations are not a source of nourishment, you might need to change how you see the issue or remove yourself from the center of an unhealthy situation. While sometimes challenging, you must find the courage to leap into the unknown.

Remember, and this is important. Shift your personality to match what you desire. To seek inner peace, you must respond and behave within this energy right now. No change of miraculous adventure will come if you don't meet its vibration; the ONLY way to do that is to change who you are right now. Live as though your prayers have already been answered. Use your imagination, feel it with passion, and find that feeling that says, yes, this is me now.

Relationships, jobs, emotions from past events, and distrust can all be transmuted and healed. You can break free from your struggles by finding more self-compassion. It requires that you figure out what is holding you back from seeing the bigger picture because, my friend, there is always a bigger picture. To change how the past influences the present is to feel what triggers you and understand how you think helps to persuade the energy in the current situation.

When I first moved to Maine, I had big plans of healing myself and others. I felt confident in that arena. At first, I was unaware that if I genuinely wished to see the world as a brighter and healthier place, I needed to become this for myself. I never expected what had happened to me over the past five years. It is as though my thoughts and opinions slowly softened and finally disappeared. I started working through some serious challenges that I had imposed on myself.

As I repeatedly say, the only true healer is always within you. I was led to begin a fresh start toward self-love, and it has become my priority. I have come to forgive myself and others. In this beautiful transformation, what helps me most is to remain exceptionally neutral while experiencing issues that sometimes creep in from time to time.

When an aspect of a shadow reveals itself to me, I quietly and lovingly witness it and share love to find balance. So drop your labels and assumptions about who you think yourself to be. They are not God's truth. We are not here to be anything specific, either. We are never here to be heroes or gurus. We are here to be incredible love; in this, healing is inevitable. I recently had a dream where I was speaking to a child. We were sharing space, and he asked me why he was here, and I said, the soul is seeking to emerge through you so you can become freely divine energy as love.

Remember, you are not a victim. You are never forced to be here or made to feel different. You can create whatever you choose, and so often, you do. If you do not like what you create, change how you see things and behave differently. Feel that from your heart and discover what magic can occur without even trying. Let some of your feelings go. You don't need to be bogged down with so much unnecessary energy. Giving any amount of energy toward the past only blocks the now. It steals your well-being.

Pace yourself while you retrain how you respond and what you choose to believe. Retire from the past so you can become a different person today. We cannot be channels of authentic healing until we flow within the feelings of gratitude and genuine acceptance. Health is upgraded as we transcend from one personality to a new life of love. The more you speak about this to yourself and others, the easier it will show itself. If you are hiding from your truest potential, consider this a sign that you don't need to be afraid. We are serving the world as love when there is genuine love inside ourselves.

Open and unfold what feels best for you, which will elicit more joy and fulfillment. Peace isn't about feeling great every day. It is about being within a storm and feeling the truth; all is well because all is love. We are within an incredible selfless overhaul. We are all being called from deep within ourselves. The masses are slowly awakening and learning to develop new choices. We may still feel fear as we always have, but as we learn to trust what is open, we recreate a new life through love. Then we shall understand and know that peace represents the spirit of our God Self.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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