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Dare to Dream and Set it in Motion

People walk with a lot of heaviness in their hearts. It's challenging to see what is in front of you sometimes. I share these clips of insight for both you and myself because I have found the more I speak love on my path, the more I feel the love of God. Sharing about love will bring about change.

Healthier living helps to encourage us to enjoy how well we feel. It is easy to get swept away in a current of victimhood or lack. That said, I am here to tell you it is better to celebrate how far you have come and focus on what you have already accomplished. This world can be hard to manage, yet you are a part of its greatness! Celebrate that you are a part of a significant turning point for humanity. We couldn't do it without you! The more you pay attention to how much meaning your life brings our transition, the more you can embrace self-empowerment. I know you are living as you said you would. I know this because you would not have the experiences you are having otherwise.

I can attest that well-being is about finding value in how you are now and falling in love with yourself in the way you wish to be loved. My advice is not to fixate on what needs to change, which leads to more discomfort. Be willing to feel gratitude and use this to raise your awareness to a new level. Even though I healed a lot for myself, it made me feel stuck in a pattern of fixing myself. I learned to let go of "trying to be perfect" and worked on having gratitude for finding perfection.

The true epidemic in our world is the idea of separateness. The supernatural Self (the Divine essence) is with you in everything you experience; the challenge is to trust you are not alone or separate from that powerful sense. As long as individuals buy into the feelings of being isolated or disconnected from healing, they suffer the experiences they encounter. Stress adds an element of survival that holds our nervous system hostage. Time to move from survival to creation. Time to know you have the power to make authentic transitions that suit your life incredibly!

It is powerful when you rise to meet the Creator and command clear indications of communication between you. When you invoke Love to be seen in your life, your world will expectantly change. I can relate to anyone that feels lost. I know firsthand that impatience and lack of self-trust cost me valuable energy. I came to understand what it meant to live faithfully. On this journey, I needed reasons to become responsible for my choices, and I encourage you to do the same. Let love open your mind and expand your heart.

We need to give ourselves more credit or freedom to have some fun. Think back to a time when you were a kid. For many of us, we could imagine an entire world of wonderment. Whether playing house in a thick layer of trees or running with friends, we knew how to become anything we imagined. That elevated enjoyment taught us how to expand ourselves. We don't need to feel like work is our top priority. It isn't about how much you work but how well you live as love. I guarantee that when your life concludes, Source doesn't ask you anything about your job or your duties as an adult.

What will your life review show you? You may need to settle into yourself, sense how your life is unfolding, and help make a change for love by reviewing your life choices. It is NOT about JUDGEMENT; it is about soulful reflection. Having done this for myself, I was open to change more quickly because I didn't want to be stuck in the ordinary routine of living to make money and dying too soon from being unfulfilled. I am sure you have an essential role in your chosen career, but that is not your life's purpose. Your life is far more valuable than titles and roles. You are the truth of God's energy. You embody that Source in the divine body, mind, and soul. You are not the roles you have created for yourself or others have helped to fabricate. You are blessed, love.

People have lost these feelings of elevated joy. We skim past the moments that mean the most because we often concern ourselves with the next step or the next major event. I can remember when there was no time, only me and the imagination playing for hours alone in the fort I built from scraps of wood or layers of old blankets. Now more than ever, let your hair down. Embrace those you are with, or embrace the sense of being at rest. Give yourself the freedom to make time for your enjoyment. If healing is your goal, then it is a requirement that authentic fun becomes a part of your wellness journey.

If you want a taste of the future, you must feel it before it shows up. Write about it, and fill yourself with how it would feel as if it has come true. It is essential to understand God is always answering your prayers. The universe always responds to what you think, speak, and feel. If a person only shares worrisome thoughts, the universe responds with more things to worry about overall. Decide, write, and set healthier life goals through confidence. How would you feel if you had the confidence to do something you never thought possible? Then embrace that feeling for all it is worth.

For the coming month, work on setting a new strategy, make your goals as big and bold as you desire, and feel the gratitude you would feel if Source answered you. Whether health, wealth, career, or relationships, whatever you want to see for yourself, dare to believe!

Why settle for the mundane when you can transform yourself to become supernatural?

Best wishes on this new and wondrous journey!

All my love,

Karen Ann

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