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Elevate Yourself From the Past

New beginnings take time to happen. They come from a willingness to become the future self. It isn't easy, but we can dilute the emotions of our past by affirming love and overcoming them. Being present in the now is a miraculous healer; the more we redevelop ourselves while focusing on the present moment, the easier it becomes to open ourselves to new possibilities. Your transformation happens through the power of surrender and freely choosing gratitude as you energize new emotions from the heart. It is to live as though God has already answered your prayers, and your body learns to live in the future now.

So you want new beginnings? Work on being different. Respond differently to your daily life. Invest in being the person you wish to be. It's important to stop being who you were in the past. If we cannot see how we treat ourselves, we cannot change how we define ourselves by the past. Traumas get stuck in the body, and those feelings regulate the fight-or-flight responses. Suppose you feel triggered by what is often around you. In that case, you can help yourself make empowered decisions by stilling the body and connecting with the infinite energy of higher awareness.

When I realized I was only a decision away from changing myself, I knew what was needed to shift my reality, but I also learned how essential it is to address these decisions from a place of selfless love, not fear or distress. I taught myself to put down the spear and lift the shield. It wasn't a battle that needed to take place but a complete surrender. That said, my heart told me many times throughout my healing journey to decide what I want in my reality. My entire point is to relate to you from one human to another. It isn't the most accessible road to encounter, and it isn't filled with roses and giggles; however, if you take this challenge to heart, that will be what is necessary for you to overcome your roles of the past.

You are only a decision away from incredible transformation. It is never a question whether the divine is ready to help you. It is a question of if you are prepared to overcome the past. Choose to love yourself enough to commit to healing. Take the road less traveled. It is nothing more than a moment of your focused attention to the present. Decide with the firm intention that you choose to be free. Inside you is a power that awaits your full attention and loves you beyond words.

The loving emotions of gratitude, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance open our hearts to a journey of love. It is an exploration of life that carries your soul. Peel away all emotional fabrications and masks preventing you from expressing ownership in your life. It is time to surrender to selfless healing and recognize Source created you within perfection. Balance is your kindred spirit when you allow yourself the pleasure and pain to flow as it develops and arises. Temperance is helpful to beckon within yourself a new way of being. Take it a step at a time and be mindful and carefree in this transition journey.

It is always beneficial to move the body, release old feelings, practice stillness, and be steadfast in relaxation in the now. When you strip the body of those old traumas and the energy they produce, you start to readjust and regulate how your body reacts. By promoting a healthy solid ritual of sensing yourself, you create a wondrous way to diffuse past thoughts. Love yourself enough to stay present. Love yourself enough to notice when you are falling into what is the habit of your body’s addiction to stress. Notice and witness as you gently return to the moment. It is not about forcing or arguing with the mind. Leave the reason, let it be as it is, and focus on how your body responds to a new sense of being.

Place the value of self-regulation at the top of your priority list. Make it about love and show the body who is in charge, but not by force, by gently guiding it to return to relaxation in the now. I want you to spend the coming days, weeks, or even months sensing how it would feel to know all of your prayers were already answered. How would you respond? How would you be different? Then I want you to feel those feelings. Electrify the body with how that would feel. Permanently settle into your heart and sense the energy that emerges through this intimate connectedness.

We are infinite divine beings; allow yourself to believe in new opportunities and what is possible, and free yourself from the past.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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