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Focus On Your Desires Diligently

January was named after the Roman God, Janus, who oversees openings, doorways, and other similar entryways. Janus has two faces–one looking forward and one looking back. This description is a fitting image for January, considering our meditative focus on what has come before and what is yet to become in the new year.

Myths and legends imply Janus sees all of our past and all our future possibilities. That’s exciting and inspiring. Working with January energies encourages our ability to see personal potential and begin activating that daily. One way to help yourself stay on track is by adopting a beneficial practice of affirmations. Use affirmations akin to resolutions by writing out a few personal goals you’d like to achieve during the year and speaking them out loud as though they are already complete. For example, if you feel blocked over starting a new project, your affirmation might be, "I am so grateful my creativity is flowing again."

Affirmations work best in tremendous gratitude and bountifulness. Affirm what you want, and be mindful of the words you choose, the tone you access, and how you feel. Understand what you seek is already within you. When you call it in, you speak it as though it is done, feel it and then let it go! Do your best not to need immediate validation. LET IT GO, AND LET IT COME.

Gratitude is the ultimate receivership; it tells the universe, the God Self, that you believe it to be done. An open and grateful heart reframes life. Don't force things, be as available as possible. It might be helpful for you to understand the "idea of your future" versus how we align ourselves to life circumstances. The key to all affirmations is how you speak them into existence; you don’t need to repeat them by forcing your will. Affirmations work best when you quiet yourself and hold fast to a decision.

Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in our actions, unable to make headway, but eventually, we can get moving. Humans have a habit of carrying around things from the past, primarily emotions, that drag us down. How we respond to the choice of even being stuck helps to move fresh energy into our experience. From a metaphysical perspective, Janus helps us get “unstuck.” January marks a time for renewal and new starts.

Allow January to be a time to feel what it is you want to create for yourself. Sometimes the only setback is our need for initiation into what we desire. I hope you do some soul-searching this month and seek within yourself what it is you want. Step back and don't make it about "things" but more about what you feel is best for you and how you can elicit more joy within yourself. This period of self-acknowledgment is potent and calls for your year to be about self-introspection. Dare to dream and dream big because, my friend, anything is possible!

Affirmation: I believe in my dreams; I am enough!

All my love,

Karen Ann

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