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From Survival To Creation

It is happening, dear friend; the world is shifting at an incredible speed. I am so thankful for the universal light and healing open to many. Although it may appear to be upside down and inside out right now, we are on the precipice of the comeback needed to overcome ourselves as a collective soul.

There is healing and purpose in how humanity experiences itself. Leaders of the world order kept society from expressing spiritual truth. Much of our spiritualized nature became corrupted by deceptive intentions. One of the best ways to uncover how you feel is by conducting a self-review. When you take time to observe yourself in all areas of your life, you might find a socially engrained pattern that prevents you from living your fullest potential.

Humans have a lot to learn about compassion and unsolicited guidance. We don't need to be other's healers but rather a supportive force within their journey from a place of clear boundaries. We can offer unconditional backing by remaining mindful and respectful of how they perceive events in their life without interfering with our assumptions. We don't need to battle or be at war within the world, yet we choose to be so self-absorbed we make things about our fears and needs. It takes maturity to express ourselves through unconditional love; it is the art of letting go.

How can we share love when we can't express it without making it about a return expectation? What about being healed just by being present? How can we be more caring within ourselves from a place of selflessness? I believe in love and will never allow myself to be deceived again. I watch from afar and love within those experiences, holding the line of faith and gratitude. It is not for me to destroy or encourage what is happening outside of me. It is for me and me alone to share myself with unconditional love. To fall in love with life, you must chase it within yourself and leave the past behind.

We must keep sight of the purpose of the current transitions open. They are for the greater whole to walk in love. Unconditional love takes nothing personally. It is impersonal, all-knowing, and fuses itself with what is necessary for more incredible energy to be realized. Questioning the universe is unconsciousness or ego fear. If you trusted yourself sincerely, you'd seek no answers but walk within the unknown as love.

Try to be as calm and neutral to whatever you are currently experiencing. Step back and sense the issue as an opportunity to fall deeper into love. If you are fearful, you might feel controlled or want things to change quickly. That resistance keeps those fears alive and well. Energize prosperity by feeling you have everything within you; you already ARE prosperous. Walk as though all your prayers have been answered, and be grateful.

There is fear in the unknown; however, actual change can only be created by living life in the unknown space formed of faith and trust. Let go of the fear and insecurity and push past the energy of long ago. Let love show you the path from a new angle, and live for the moment.

Time to rise and meet the Creator. We are ready to launch; I hope you are willing to leap. We got this, love is our best chance, and light helps show us the way. It isn't a question of when this is happening; it is never about when; it is how. Change is here; the question is, are you taking this for granted or making the deliberate choice to live within aliveness and empowered choices? How will you change to demonstrate true faith? Ask yourself if you are tired of living on autopilot, and then do something unexpected and spontaneous. Move from survival to is within you now as one.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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