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It is time to thrive, not survive!

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my heart. The world is healing, and you are grand and essential energy. Glorious light integrates us from what is called the ethers. Pay little attention to those who are still believing the illusion. We are not within a cycle of history repeating itself. The hardship energies that strongly influenced us are being cleared away, and holy love opens us to a new dimensional point.

We are leaving the third dimension behind by becoming sacred and aware of that sanctuary of love. Everything you need to transform into higher resonance is inside you. It is a transmission of the soul working through you to bring healing within the world of yourself as it ripples out into the world of all.

If you wish to see things with fresh eyes, you cannot deny the power of true love. I speak of love often because it is how I have come to fall in love with myself, the life within me, and everything that surrounds me. I no longer distrust myself; I seek only what resonates best for me. It is now the time to emerge by assessing the mastery of your true Self. Listen, listen, listen to the whisper. It will not demand anything of you, so be patient and inspired by your true essence. It is a call we can no longer afford to ignore. Answer the call, my friend; seek within for the right motivation to help you see things and return to the Self of higher awareness.

My love, your genuine Self is uncontainable. You walk inside the soul, my friend; that energy is watching and loving you. We do not need to be stuck in the past; it is a grand lie to keep you oppressed. What is required now is for each of us to shed our fears; I liken it to wearing a coat that is three sizes too small. It is time to release all limitations and explore what is possible.

Time to take hold of your healing, prayer, and meditation practices with a quiet and calm demeanor and leave zero room for influences outside of you. Insist on being fair and insist on being at peace; you are the ONLY soul capable of this centering. It is time to thrive, not survive, my love. It is nothing but a game from the ego's perspective; rise above what is pain, and steer yourself in a new direction. I am calling you via my heart now; we are whole and one. I am telling you what is necessary for the remaining days of this old cycle to be abolished.

It doesn't matter what happened in your past; you choose it all to learn to remember this truth; you are a benevolent wave of unity and love. No more excuses, no more reasons to beg for help, no more fear; rip off these masks and see what is beneath them. See your authentic Self as infinite and timeless; it is not a being but formless and generates purity and calm. It is time to walk as a wealth of heart-based truths. Your truth is not opinions of your past feelings; the truth of you is so much more.

Laugh and exude joy every day! Share laughter, joy, and love, as if your life depends on it! Release any distractions, choose to stand in your heart, and hold a vibration that nothing can infiltrate. If you want to share love, be this for yourself. If you wish to speak of growth, allow it at every chance. If you want true healing, become the source by trusting it is done—time to lead by love and love by your heart, not ego expectations. Be willing to help by inspiring and motivating others to find their divine light. Humans are now ready to stage a new life for world peace. We do not need to fear "if" that is coming or not; we only need to recognize it has already started.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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