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It's Time to Heal

Love works miracles inside ourselves when everything is returned to the Source. If you genuinely wish to find harmony, it is your choice to decide what that means. The powerful divine essence works in mysterious ways. When there is a lot of conflict or resistance, the sacred generates unexpected experiences to help you overcome being too bound to a single idea or energy.

When a person becomes more unconditional and stops working against the fabric of what is energized in their life, healthier relationships arise, and impromptu experiences lift and open them. To tell yourself that it isn't possible to change or to relive the past without realizing how that is controlling you; prevents you from genuinely tapping into your true potential.

We belong to the Source, God, in a wave of synergized energy. It is not about possession but a flow of unity that robustly elevates anyone willing to release the past and turn within for the present sense of goodwill. Why do you stop yourself from doing what feels right and best for yourself? Is there a reason you continue to feel unappreciated? Why can't you experience the mighty heart of God? Is there a deceptive belief that keeps you hung up on feeling worthless?

To deny yourself healthier living is a product of realized fear and self-sabotage. It is a process to overcome oneself. Don't expect it in a few weeks. It is a practice of patience, dedication, and firm intention. For healing to emerge, it takes consistency. I know the feeling of needing to fix it sooner than later, but we cannot deliver total well-being to ourselves when we are caught in the fight or flight responses. Now the time seems to be ready for you to quit trying to be what everyone else expects of you and sense how you feel, for love is truly within you.

Pleasing how others feel, being too attached to what they say, or regarding them as your responsibility is not loving or unconditional. The absolute sense of being is effortless. It is truly blissful and pure. We cannot accept what is happening when trying to fix it for ourselves or others. When this is strongly aligned, we spend many long periods in a stuck state of fear. General feelings like disgust, rage, grief, shame, guilt, and fear beckon more issues to cause us to distrust how we see the outside world. It is not up to you to manage others or even control what is open to you.

It is better to feel love and gratitude. Know that whatever comes to you can only pass when you take the time to allow what you feel is the necessary information to change. It is not others' job to fix themselves for your benefit or to be something you wish them to be. Your job is to take responsibility for engaging what is aligned; to remain calm, grounded, and open to whatever plays out.

What is unconditional love to you?

Treat this as a reflection of greater awareness. Look at what you say, how you feel, and why you do what you do, and ask yourself, "is this treating this person or situation with unconditional love? We can still love without feeling connected to what is happening. We can still allow others to make their mistakes as they see fit to make them. It is never our place to decide what they need or doesn't need. If a person is overly invested in others, it prevents them from tuning into their true potential because a distracted mind is closed off to what is in front of them for their response. Be at rest when you reflect, watch for signs of ego interference, and listen to what the heart says about this as love.

Keep yourself within a heart-based vibrational sense and continue to tackle issues and other challenges from this place of clarity. Open your heart to how you see things from a sense of selflessness. It isn't about being seen as loving but about becoming self-love as wholeness. People don't realize how valuable they are as a being. They have lost or never understood the truth inside their soul. It is not about how great you are as a poet or what you do as a surgeon. It is how humble and kind you are to yourself and others as a being on this beautiful planet.

I trust my sense of being as that continues to reclaim what was lost in me. I know what it feels like to be hungry, tired, hurt, angry, and fearful. I don't deny those feelings anymore and don't let them dictate what is healing within my framework as a being. Healing isn't regurgitating what others say; it is about reclaiming what is worthiness within yourself. We find our wholeness and generate a balance in that fearless energy as long as we are alive. It is a beautiful world in every respect. I am super excited about the shift that is playing out. Even without me, it is transforming.

To heal the past means to let it go and find yourself now through genuine joy in life. As you prepare to accept what is open to you as it is in this moment, you delve into the energy of the Creator's love. We develop a lot of terrible habits as humans. We don't trust ourselves foremost, which is a dangerous way of being. We can deliver anything we choose if we get out of the way and trust we are enough in everything we encounter. I believe in you; you are a fantastic component of this game called life.

Today, as I sit here sharing my senses, I realize what an incredible choice I have made to be here and to become what has always been possible. We can cheer for each other or fight, whatever works best for those who make a choice, but we have a choice, and I invite you to see yourself as I see you. I know your power and sacred light because I see it in myself. I embrace you as you are in every respect. I love you and endlessly hold love for you.

We can change, we have to change for ourselves, and when you choose to live a life of freedom, Source will help to verify your life within a sense of great expanse. Live within, find your intuitive purpose, and foster that sense. Planes of energy rule what we try to discourage and encourage, so be mindful and delicate within the fields of universal possibilities. The field surrounds us, and what we share inside ourselves, with others, and beyond constructs our very reality.

We are co-creators foremost, now is our chance to change what we create as universal love.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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Feb 13, 2023

Every word spoke to me today. Thank you. 🥰♥️🥰

Karen Ann Intuitive
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