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Love Makes The World Go Round

Healing your life is never trying to change what is happening or making things feel complete. The healing you seek is not within the world outside of you. It is wholly within yourself. We don't need to belong in our outside world to recognize what we carry within ourselves.

If you understood the distance between your happiness and healing is found on a loving journey inward, you would come home to your heart without being told to do so. Life is not about keeping score with the universe, nor is it about being taught a lesson. It is never about how the outside world sees you; what matters most is how YOU see yourself. The turbulence you encounter on your journey stems from your heartache, and the grief you hold opens you to those who help to elevate what is necessary for your Soul's loving experience. As others help you, you also help them by trusting each other enough to stay within life to battle or reconnect with heartfelt compassion. You are never a victim of your circumstances; you were never made to be here, never forced to become the broken or the downtrodden.

So be mindful of how you share yourself with others. Pay attention to those habits of need that keep you from seeing your true potential. Our spirit is here because our Creator desires to discover itself within life in every form. There are no coincidences or happenstances which do not hold meaning for each of us to understand. We select the world of humanity for our unique and deliberate Soulful realization. How we chase our dreams or never get out of our way is part of our fantastic transition to healthy living. It is the choice between love and fear.

We live in an abundant world, don't fear those stories of lack. Let go of the fear; so that authentic experiences can flow to you. If you choose to run instead of crawl, you will see how supportive the universe treats those who believe in love and live a life of joy and freedom. Painful pasts cause us to feel unsafe, but when you work from the truth deep within your soulful heart, all paths lead to oneness. If you learn to listen to those nudges, even if they seem risky, you will become very calm and grounded because self-trust and confidence go hand in hand. Trust the process, have some fun, live free, be wild, and look for opportunities to emerge and synchronize.

Are you tired of worrying about everything yet? Have you come to see there is nothing to fear or control? Do you confuse love with heartache? How well do you trust what is open to you now? If you can see from a higher sense of reason, would you willingly step up to that sense and hold more faith? Is this something you can even relate to, or do you find these questions intrusive and uncomfortable? I encourage you to soul-search this coming month. Reflect daily, observe, and reunite within healing through being present, spontaneous, and heart-driven. It works best if you make this a promise to yourself, but be cautious when you tear yourself free from how you think; there is a period of discomfort.

Genuine healing can be both inspiring and nerve-racking, but dear friend, this is the period for our world to rise, and you are part of this significant change. If you decide to be something higher within yourself, your heart will call you to set the tone for others to follow. We aren't responsible whether they follow, so be clear it is never our duty to enforce what others do or don't do. It is our honor to be their supportive example. I implore you today to share time within the river of healing light and decide what you want for yourself and let nothing take your focus from this; in fact, insist on it. Because in the end, we are only a decision away from life transformation.

As unique and supernatural beings, it is a gift to love; the more we gain insight into greater compassion, the more life will blossom. We are all dedicated souls, so be sure to seize all opportunities. It will be necessary for the changes ahead. Be well and be one.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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