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Mother Earth and Love

The world is elegant within nature as it is beauty personified. Planet Earth, the mother of everything that lives upon her, is spectacular. She is conscious of incredible, sacred, ancient wisdom, as the prime Creator formed her life as love; long ago.

Never trust what humans think about how well Mother Earth is doing. Listen to her directly if you want to know what she requires. I can tell she is pleased with how well humanity is changing. She expands within her soul's journey as we create more unity and compassion. We develop spiritually just like she does, so it is time to come to an awakening. In my heart, this is a start of a new age that is releasing density from both our mother's connection and ourselves. Together we rise as one.

Mother Earth is everything within you equally, and you are everything within her very fields. We coincide as one with each other. If we cannot accept ourselves, we deliver a lower vibration to her as a connector and facilitator of unhealthy love. Remember that if you want to see her well, there needs to be an obvious intention with how that is to emerge. We cannot be afraid for her or overly arrogant that she "needs" us to fix her. It is what we do with her soil, air, and waters that matter how well she feels.

Frequently we are careless or decide our way is more accessible rather than taking the foresight to be more humane and elevated as unconditional beings. Of course, it is up to us to help ourselves without being selfish. We cannot change what happens by watching it from a place of worry or fear. We can, however, change our views and create a synergy of well-being for her to lift with us vibrationally. If you can feel the flow of what the natural world shares within itself, you will be amazed at its current of pure conscious awareness.

Humans assume that the natural kingdom is not a living, breathing being. Nature is the flow of universal beingness without the construction of ego pain. We buy into what the ego says as truth." When nature is not taken care of, how we interact with it is concerning. I have questioned how we overcome what is holding us inside the battle of deliberate ignorance. The answer I sense is always the same. We overcome this by being willing to remain grounded and focused on healthier choices for ourselves and our mother as individuals and communities.

We concentrate and teach by example ways to help ourselves and our beloved mother, Earth. We inspire the youth to live more carefully and continue self-love's trajectory into the future. We must practice what we preach and share how we continuously evolve through this loving experience as one heart and mind. To be a cause and effect of great light, we all must take this seriously and live from a new sense of being. Mind and heart must constantly find total coherence and continuously translate that healthier stream of consciousness from within to without.

Many of us would agree we love our beautiful planet. We care about Mother Earth’s well-being but harm her when we are careless with our own. We need to see how we justify our feelings to compromise her. She is not here to decide your journey or to be your stomping ground of reckless free will. We were all invited here to live a life of freedom and explore that life within the framework of mind and heart coherence. It is now time to resist the feelings of the past and let them go to the Source. We cannot change by doing the same thing every chance we get. To bring parallel life-giving change, we must dedicate ourselves to holding compassion and kindness.

What would you say if you could tell Mother Earth what you feel about her? Try sitting with her sometime and speak what is on your heart. Believe me; we are connected to what is on earth and beyond this small world of unclear minds. We are the vastness itself, the cosmos of the sacred all.

To deliver a loving message to her and to speak within yourself about what you feel for her, equal to you, is incredibly selfless and inspiring.

Dare to be a voice of inspiration and love. I plan on taking a break from the daily life of Karen Ann and engaging in a less routine-bound life so that I can experience her from a higher level of selflessness. Take a break from what you naturally do and find a change of routine that incorporates a timeless moment spent with beloved Mother Earth. She will always provide you with a place to grow and retreat within. Her essence is within you as much as it is me. We don't need to feel she's dying or sick that is never up to us, anyway; her life is also in the hands of God's love.

Ask her to share her desires and needs with you, and then if you get a message about what those might be, I encourage you to meet her on it. Push yourself to be less invested in how you look or feel and go out into the world on her loving behalf. Whatever there is to see here is for you and me to experience with her, but if you can be the change of how we treat ourselves or her, wouldn't you be willing to make the changes necessary for world healing?

We are all so much more than these little ideas we empower. We are beyond time, effort, and containment. We are the force of God's love. We are all in excellent hands if you work at seeing this for yourself. Everyone is helping with whatever they can in whatever capacity it is. Judge not of others but look inside yourself for the resolutions and clarity to overcome being caught in the mind's game. We deserve to feel good and whole. Our mother deserves it too. We are one.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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