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One Gold Thread

Our world is a beautiful tapestry of gold energy like threads of glimmering light. Each line is a signature of feeling and thought. Each thread is entwined and woven, forming a field of possible outcomes. Even beyond our earthly connection, these threads flow deep into the galactic fields of the universe.

Energy is our foundational language. Every possible outcome already exists as an energy line. Understanding valuable knowledge of how the world evolves might help you to serve your path better. Within everything, we visualize, speak, think, and intend; that energy creates the flow lane to help verify our desires. It is based on vibrational resonance, an invisible field of vibration which matches itself. Energy is boundless; you are energy; therefore, you are infinite. Your soul essence is pure and still; it is the presence of greatness; it is formless; it is timeless; your true Self is eternal. You are also a vibrational being of thought and free will expression. How you receive and share yourself in the world helps to compress those threads of frequencies for your reality to open.

Did you know that your thoughts remain alive within the union of your lifetime with earth and those all around you? They are the energy of intellect and carry a vibrational registry that seeks like-minded beings. It is how we connect and form our relationships throughout our life. The energy we lead ourselves within designs our reality for our review. It is always the thoughts and feelings of our inner world that causes and effects our outer world. Each of us creates chords or ribbons of energy that bind us to our external experiences. It is sometimes necessary to have those chords cut or readjusted to help heal those past experiences for total well-being.

People try to bring unity within themselves more than they realize. We cannot change others to suit our needs. It is not up to us to "fix" things or to "transform" a situation. We cannot control what is not ours to manipulate. However, we can change how we interact and participate in life. We do have the connectedness to make a difference by shifting how we choose to respond. The power of self-empowerment opens us in wondrous ways when we recognize how we react or respond to what is playing out. It is not up to us to shift how the world is moving along; it is up to us to help how our inner world responds.

During the many years of self-reflection, I have gained much wisdom within my seeing. I learned to be less energized by others' threads. I connected deeply within myself by being more aware and present in the body. It has helped me to remain focused and grounded. I remain heart-based when I am watching the world from the inside out. It keeps me aligned with the present moment. I help others sense this for themselves because I am confident it is the only genuine method toward change. We developed many inconsequential skills by being engrossed with the outside world. We are taught to seek through things and others for our self-love. My love, you will never find what you are looking for outside of you.

Health and well-being directly affect how we feel emotionally and how we feel emotionally instantly correlates to our health and well-being. It is a twisted path we lead sometimes. I love how we don't see this for ourselves at first because when we discover this, it is like a giant light bulb goes on above our heads. I see you, my friend; I know who you are within the depths of your gold ribbons and healing space. I see how beautiful and caring you are in every way. I can share this now because it has taken me a long time to see this in myself.

In 2021 after my father passed, his first message to me was, "I can see you." I loved this for myself, but within a few minutes, a deep sense came over me, and it changed my life in incredible ways. Instantly I realized it was me who needed to see me. That realization changed how I responded to myself and others. It opened me to new heights, and lifetimes of pain fell away. It felt good to speak of love and share my authenticity of myself. It was both divine and human as I melded the two. If you learn to see yourself, you will see how beautiful the world is from a generous and loving perspective.

I don't mean seeing the apparent person; I mean diving deep, accepting you are not just a human being; you are a divine being experiencing the life of a human. I recognize you within me, and I wish that every being discover this in themselves. As I have said, we are on a precipice of significant frequency shifts. It might appear that we are headed in the wrong direction, but we are not; it is better to find what feels best for yourself during this transition period. Remain focused on the solution for those around you to sense your light.

Remain present, and observe what frequency you are speaking into the world. Each must find their pureness, dedicate themselves to heart-based love, and retrain themselves to bring higher vibrational resonance to everything they entertain. We are sublime, higher beings, and we frequently deny healing because we let others be our wisdom seekers. Slow down, take a break, breathe into your heart space, listen to the body, open your heart, and be willing to change. It is never too little or too late.

Life lessons take their toll, but if you trust this healing light, follow it through to the energy of your heart and respect how you feel as life clears away the muck. We do not need to suffer how we think; we can release these identities and free ourselves from the perception of others or our past.

Pearls of higher energy are those senses of intuition that initiate wisdom from within ourselves. Intuition intricately weaves a new thread of power, the resonance of faith, and unconditional love for our life to open, but this is not all it does. It is responsible for healing our wellness, wealth, and relationships in every area of our lives. The intimacy of God within yourself helps you to shoot for the stars and leave no stone unturned.

The intuitive process is never something to fear. Trust in yourself and remove all mental energy from the equation. Learn to still the thoughts of logic and action, just for a bit. Listen carefully to the soft inner knowing deep in the heart, shut out the noise, and tune in with reverence. Life will flow fluidly if you feel your way into the presence of greatness. It is your birthright to live an abundant, fulfilled, and joyous life. Unconditional love is a leading thread of vibration that stimulates healing and quality living.

When you develop a continual line of healthy love, you encompass the sharing of that light. It is a delicate yet vital energy to experience; it is never a doing and cannot be achieved. Your mastery comes within the art of allowance and being. Remarkable shifts generated from this state of being heal within the totality. The heart space carries healing light, infinite energy that travels into the fields of all possibilities.

Pure conscious awareness is the treasure of the universe, and you are its beneficial receiver. It is selfless to share this light; it is the greatest gift of love to grant yourself. You are the eternal thread of God's light, the flow of higher vibration, the pureness of that divine energy. People have forgotten to take this into themselves for too long. It is now the moment to shift how you interact and respect the health of your body, mind, and soul. We do need to replay our thoughts and interreact within ourselves responsibly. Ask yourself often, if not you, then who?

The waiting for the world to "be a better place" stops here. It is up to each to serve what is necessary for the world to feel better. It is our work to embrace the infinite exchange within ourselves. We do not have the time or the luxury to wait for something to fix this; that is not how it works. We made this world, so we need to walk a new faithful journey of generosity and higher energies. We are these energies already; it is more about keeping ourselves out of the fray and not allowing those around us to take us down from our true benevolence.

Pearls of love spend a lot of time holding us high, and ego works at tearing us down. Learn to respond within the vibration of forgiveness and compassion. Grace is our first language when we allow things for ourselves to be kind and caring. Try not to beat yourself up or play the victim, which can be hidden within our habits, and be cautious of how you respond to triggers. Leap in with arms wide and share love and light. We need this now more than ever. It is time we all rise and shine.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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