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Surrender Not Seek

Stop seeking… surrender, and stay still. The divine will find you, OPEN YOUR HEART, and God will find you. Ask yourself, what am I seeking? Wait and listen to understand what drives you to search the world for those things that let you feel safe, appreciated, and trouble-free.

Then let it go, seek no more, settle yourself, quiet the mind, and allow God inside your being to fulfill you. You are the magnifier of divine love; if you open your heart, you become a beacon of that love. The world is waiting for us to fall in love with ourselves. Self-love is the truth of how we were created.

Sometimes we hear things that can affect and disturb us, but we don't have to become troubled; we can surrender to selfless love. The ultimate healing is to remember how magnificent you are as a Soul. There is nothing for you to do except surrender yourself to your ethereal divine Self.

Getting to the inner Source is a heartfelt acknowledgment that you trust God and have broken habits around fear and illusion. Impatience is fear; heartache sensations are fear of high alert. Fear within yourself manifests itself in your reality. Watch how you treat others and how you relate to them regardless of who they are to you. Fear is sneaky and holds us down.

When the timing is right, and you are ready, you can feel this as your truth. We look for guidance within the world, yet what we need to free ourselves is entirely within us. My focus isn't to be your guide; it is to be a love that helps you to remember yourself as beautiful and eternal. Quiet yourself today without trying; help yourself mainly because you choose to do something caring for yourself. Getting into the heart can sometimes seem challenging, but all perceived struggles can only be overcome by remaining calm and repeatedly surrendering.

Several months back, while sharing space with a client, she told me she was turned upside down amid her recovery from a serious illness. While getting back on her feet, she and her family were in the throes of another family crisis. As she shared her journey, I concentrated steadily on remaining quiet and in the present moment. I kept my thoughts completely still, focused on her, and intently listened from a neutral state. As she spoke, she had a profound realization, an epiphany, if you will. The more challenges she faced, the more she had to surrender. Letting go is an act of true love, the perfection of faith at its highest level.

We need to surrender repeatedly sometimes, every minute, if that is what it takes to help us receive and let go. Humans haven't learned to allow things to be as they are; we can be combative with any situation that makes us feel small or lost. This resistance helps to empower the issue instead of neutralizing it. Our mind seeks worse-case scenarios because it is rooted in fear and lack. There can be an addiction to overthinking, creating a litany of dilemmas to fight through as though there is no other way but to flee or go to battle.

I have found that the more I fought back, the more complex things became. My fears kept me hostage, and this cycle became a careless spiral. I was in the beginning stages of the fall of my health, which was taking a toll on me at a young age. Personal pain is the cause and effect of disease, stubborn inflammatory responses, and triggering emotions. If you struggle with health issues, you resist how well you respect and interact with yourself. Take heart, you have a choice, and you can change your direction.

There are so many advantages of releasing our pain but to benefit from it, we need to decide whether we are worthy of this freedom. Let go, surrender at this moment, and say to yourself, "I surrender this feeling to God." If you can do that, you have offered a gift to yourself and the world around you. It may not seem like much, but there is an incredible opening aligning for you by simply letting God in. You don't need to seek the answers. You only need to be open to receiving them.

Remember to appreciate the power of letting the world around you go. It's not healthy to call the language of our past into our now. There is far more to life than recycling our pain. We do not determine our fate by being caught in fear of living or dying. I watch everyone seek to conquer, desire to win, strive to be better, aim to make things easier, seeking healing, love, and help. We don't need to run around like a child lost in the mall. Stop within the moment, seek nothing, speak only words of acceptance, and thank you. We make life more challenging than we need to because we taught ourselves to believe that only blood, sweat, and tears bring more money, success, etc.

The truth is pursuing a God in others, and things keep us from embracing our true power. Today try to be as open and sensitive to love as possible. Be calm and generous, more than usual. Keep the energy in this message to help you set yourself free.

We walk a fine line between emergency thinking and heart-based living. We don't need to circle the mall seeking our parents; we seek nothing when we are still looking for them. All is well; teach you to trust the movement of nothing. We're in this together; that's how we recuperate and heal for lifetimes.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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