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The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected. It is the first and most foundational law of the universe.

Everything in the Universe extends Source energy, meaning nothing is separate spiritually.

You practice this law when you exercise compassion and consciously recognize that we are all one being. Indeed, we are divinely written as a soul, and the essence of that divinely written being is at the core of who we are as free-will spirits. The pandemic of this world isn't the virus we have all come to fear or at least resiliently resist; the concept of separateness is the cause of an incredibly unhealthy impact that ripples throughout the infinite universe.

People don't just feel the pain of others. They encourage it as a signal to cause more. Trust is an issue for those who don't believe themselves to be divine. Planetary deception around "negative" versus "self-righteousness" detrimentally stagnates human development. We are all working for the health of this world, even when we are undermining the beneficial healing as one. Placing shame, blame, and guilt for others to be better will not help situations change. We do not have the singular power to calm the world without us, but we can reclaim what is unwell within ourselves.

Treating yourself to higher feelings, healthier practices, and being loving and willing to see things from a higher mind works miraculously, for your healing has been a gateway to mine and vice versa. We are all ripples within the ocean state of humanity. We don't need to believe we are separate from those issues; we are the response and reactionary energies to how we see ourselves within them. Remember, what irks you about others is an ultimate reflection of what is bugging you deep down inside yourself.

Separateness is a deeply rooted ego illusion. When things get complicated, it is the falsehood of the ego’s desire to fight or take flight. People tuned into the heart have found an enormous capacity to replenish themselves, leading them to celebrate all life as one. Many believe our survival instincts are the primary drive of humanity, but that is untrue. If survival were our only thought, we would witness no selfless acts of heroic measures. There would be no one to run into a burning building to save a child's life or help at the scene of a major catastrophe.

No, survival is not how we genuinely feel within the Source of one. We are all innately wired to divine oneness. People either embrace this within themselves or have forgotten to be true to their Soul's energy. Whatever the journey holds for any of us is between ourselves as beings and the Creator, for it desires to remember itself within these fantastic states of consciousness.

At the beginning of this message was a nod to the universal law of Divine Oneness, and this is how you and I turn the corner together. There is nothing about this life that is separate from each other. Every person, creature, and being of life force, both animate and inanimate, is bound by the simplicity of how the Creator established itself as a "role" or "demonstrator" to the world. The tapestry we call the Universe is finely and intricately woven with genuine love. Those who see this now choose to stay inside their hearts and remain impersonal to their surroundings.

The power of healing isn't a façade made by blanket statements or unhealthy needs. Healing is a multifaceted practice ushering us through a multitude of compassionate shifts. These turbulent transitions help to lay the groundwork for our inner worlds. Through a person's spiritual evolution, they find their authentic nature and embody their inner peace. Please consider why you remain here as a personal experience within the soul. It is free will's right to believe whatever it chooses. The Source doesn't tell us what to think or to behave a certain way.

People decide their journey based on where they are within it. It is the most simplistic sense of truth I can relay to you. We do not have to conform to how we think we "should" be or how we think "God wants us to be." People do not remember they genuinely step into the soul as a divine being the second they take their first breath. Humanity doesn't yet see this world through the eyes of divine oneness, but fear not; the light is growing, and each time we embrace this as our truth, we support the fire of grace to burn away the illusion of ego.

When you feel you are not working things out fast enough or don't feel safe, remember that is nothing more than an illusion of the ego mind. We can become more spiritually connected and treat ourselves with more care once we see the patterns of our inner child's wounds. It only takes one person to awaken and remember who they are as a divine being. The cure to the idea of separation is the truth of who you are as a sacred being.

Today marks a new beginning for you; thank you for showing up to read this message. There is a purpose in these random actions and tender moments of slowing down. Thank you for looking toward the light, bringing that light within you, and being a vibrational match to this healing message. The truth is yet to be seen by so many, but when they come online, we will be ready to welcome them, applaud them for their work, and support them from our hearts. Show up, be open, listen, and share a life of compassion, for that is who we are as a Soul.

I encourage you to be still today, breathe deep, thank the Soul for its continual support, and lean into the body as a supernatural healer: time to rise, shine, and be divinely one.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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