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The Miracle of You

Miracles happen because you are proof of what that gift defines itself by. You are an extraordinary vision of God's love. The movement in which God's light enters as a human being. These statements are not based on how you view yourself. They are the genuineness of the universe.

To keep the truth alive and well within yourself requires you to ignite the embers of your heart's healing light. The heart is the seat of the soul, and that is how we begin today's message. What is the truth in your heart? You don't need to be specific or identify with what shows up along the journey you consider you. You only need to come home to the foresight of pure benevolence and grace.

Healthier framed beliefs emerge as each of us begins a homebound journey toward self-love. We deny ourselves an evolution sometimes; we have forgotten what a miraculous thing it is to be alive and well in a world of greatness. Integrating what we thought was true is now being deciphered within healing light and reimagined within you with renewed purpose. Healing isn't the repair or change of a course that is already healthy for you to explore within, but it is embracing the sentimental sense of divine love. Everything about you and the life you share with others is already well. It might be difficult, but with renewed hope, can you see the true essence of its blessings?

Grace begins within yourself. How gracious are you to yourself, and how loving are you to how you see yourself? It is an excellent day to start a service of helping. It may be a period to seek the inner Creator and set goals for yourself. Health is about giving and receiving without making it a personal resonance. We all walk and breathe as the moving force of miraculous power and grace. Don't be fooled by what you think or feel. Try to listen more carefully to the healing light, which undoubtedly works through you as you travel this sacred universe.

Exemplify what love is by being this foremost for yourself. I don't mean arrogance or imposter language. Genuinely step inside yourself and say, it is good to be me, and it is good to be alive and well. Feel the splendor of this gift which is life. Then remain quiet and integrate what arises inside your heart. Focus less on the mind's opinions and more on the sense of being. The power to heal isn't about being a better person. This power emphasizes knowing yourself honestly and appreciating how genuinely blessed you are as a soul.

Today we are souls of greatness and the highest breath of God's energy. We are called within to recreate a world transition of optimism. It's up to you to make use of what I share here. We can continue to coerce what is out there or lovingly choose to enclose ourselves in the embrace of God’s loving wings. I welcome you to the beginning of a new life here on earth. As we cross this significant threshold together, it is glorious.

We are amidst a great awakening that Mother Earth has lovingly awaited, and we will create a utopia of light for many lifetimes to engage, expand upon, and explore. We are the chosen few to help the world walk as healthy gracious love. Sometimes we try too hard, be willing to believe within ourselves what we speak, and resonate with this as love.

To you, my friend, I share this message and encourage you to speak this truth to anyone and everyone. Reflect, meditate, and read this message repeatedly until it is engrained within you. The healing light of God calls us all back within and reminds us to be steadfast and believe in ourselves as that force of divine love believes in us. I am grateful for your well-being and wish you nothing but greatness ahead of you.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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