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We Are Powerful Beings

You are the creator of your experiences. You and only you can develop what unfolds within those experiences. People forget they are more than human beings. They are the embodiment of God's love. People buy into the dream far more than the truth of what God searches for within each of us.

Life is the dream state of God’s divine will, and you are the free will embodiment of that creator. Therefore you are the universe itself, and within you is what is enormous and healing. We have a choice; everything is in our power to accept or reject. Slowing the mind and breathing within yourself, the feeling of Source awareness helps to unlock those burdensome emotions. It is not about pleasing God or acting like things are out of your hands. It is about sensing intuition carefully and following through on its journey of love. The universe is a reflection of your feelings and energy. It gives to you what you freely call within yourself. You are the universe so be mindful of how you design your life.

When I realigned with God, I was caught in many unnatural feelings and unforgiving emotions about how to behave. I believed God was a punishing God. What I didn't recognize is that it was always myself that punished me. I didn't feel well for so long that I resisted my healing energies. I forgot who I was, which was the most challenging aspect of remembering my truth. I blocked myself from life because of heartache. I carried grief so deep it stuck inside me like a knife. I, too, wished to feel well, but it took me time to understand what that revolved around.

Penalizing ourselves or debating what feels best for us is holding us back from embracing what could become our finest hour. If we don’t let go of heartache from our past, it will be what we carry forward into the future. It is not about planning a life or causing a new event to help ourselves either; we don’t need to be so harsh on ourselves. Everything we create is for the more significant benefit of finding unconditional love. Forgiveness works miracles within us as we share ourselves as love. See how you could be different if you watch how you respond to yourself or life.

Treat yourself to love, give a damn about your well-being, and break your habits into segments to help you see where you deny yourself love and faith. If you fear everything, then what you fear will reach you. Be strong, be brave, and emerge as selfless forgiveness. I invite you to share peace inside yourself; you can start by saying: Every choice I have ever made and every decision I have had to make was about me finding love for myself. Everything that happened to me was my way of deciding my life and remembering how to love myself despite those experiences. No one but me can define myself, and today I forgive myself and all those in my past. I forgive and grow from those experiences as though they were the best years of my life. Thank you for everything, divine Creator.”

Reflect on these statements as you share them inside yourself because inside you is the universe. Words like this will change how you respond to life in magnificent ways. Gratitude, forgiveness, and heartfelt truth start when it is respected and allowed through love. Let love in to help neutralize unhealthy personal feelings. People deliver the experiences they need to help them understand and release their repressed emotions. Once you feel afraid of something, settle into your heart and ask yourself the worst case and then go through it with courage in a visualization meditation. Push yourself to go beyond your fear. Visualize an outcome where you triumph over the challenge. Soften your worry by realizing there is nothing to fear.

Failure and success, as we experience, are the ego's energy. Watch for those telltale signs that force you to behave a specific way or become something others want of you. Feel the truth that everything is equal and nothing is more or less than another. It is the true essence of God that sees you as perfection. We need to recall this truth first because competing against others or denying healing for ourselves worsens what is already energized as a collective. It is time to be, just be, and set aside the need, want, or yearning to become.

Time to awaken, friend; we got work to do. Be loving and share it with everything you have; it is needed for what is coming. We are Created by love as love without being told how to love. Let yourself flow, trust, believe, and realize what was before is now ready for surrender. We have come to a time to write a new story and be a source of loving inspiration. It is about faith for everyone to share. The best is here now, so believe in yourself as we cross over what was heartache and call to us a journey of true love.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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