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Welcome Home~ The Inner Voyage

Welcome 2023, a year of self-reflection and the voyage home. I am so thankful for the unique energies that continue to infuse us during this elevation of humanity. In the future, whatever that even means to you, I will speak on the support and healing changes being worked on from a high level of superior essence. For now, the heart is your focus and how you delve into this journey is for you to work on for yourself.

The healing that is taking place is not yet spreading within total humanity, and that is fine; we cannot fear that because everyone awakens in their timing. Staying focused on how well you release and process your feelings is more helpful. Far too often, we take things to heart and get caught up in the drowning of others. It isn't easy to remain focused when so much of our time is spread thin, and without goals, we can get a bit overwhelmed. Even if you are a goal-setter, there can be too much of a list to accomplish what the mind wants, adding unnecessary pressure. Personal problems often arise when we are maxed out or stressed to a high level of anxiousness. I can relate, sometimes life seems impossible, but we cast ourselves into the fire more than we need to.

I want to speak in depth about taking the voyage within because it is essential for you to find your ground. The mind and body are conditioned to take action. It can be daunting to attempt stillness when you have a litany of goals or chores lighting up your thoughts. At the beginning of my learning, I found it nearly impossible to settle myself. Fidgeting and mental pictures plagued me every time I tried to calm myself in the meditative state of healing. If the mind weren't fussing, my body would kick in, making me itchy or uncomfortable. I tell you, it was enough to make a person want to give up.

I did give up, A LOT, but something relentlessly nagged me to return to practicing stillness. In the end, all it took was practice. I did need to overcome the habit of instant gratification. I call this the "remote control era." We have become very used to instant results. The bottom line, you will need to practice turning inward steadily. Being inside and observing how the body feels takes healing to a new level of calm. It is fascinating how quickly the mind shuts up when you bring the pure awareness of being present within yourself.

Tip, keep this about observing and effortless. Remember, you have nothing to achieve; it is inside yourself. Everyone can do this, but not everyone will, which is okay. If you try it and find it soothing, that is a win. If you don't see it calming, keep pushing for it because the mind is "on" to you and will be a bit of an orangutan trying to get your attention. The key to being is observation, but even more importantly, noticing your body without judging it or your thoughts.

For example, suppose you notice your jaw feels tense and clenched. Then without effort, soften it with your intention. You can even say inside our aloud, "relax jaw." Watch the body respond. The directive is very potent, and the body will obey; even the mind will abide by itself. If you say, "I am going out of my mind for a moment." The mind will not look at things as strongly; immediately bring your full attention to your body. Seems too good to be true? If you decide this is easier than the mind wishes, it will ultimately flow without struggle.

Please keep it simple; first, notice the energy in your palms; it may be a tingling sensation or warmth. Be with it, and allow it to travel up your arms naturally; as you watch this play along, your awareness flows the energy. Remember, where your awareness flows, so does the energy. If you place your attention in the center of your chest, the heart space, you might feel a weighted sensation, like a blanket. Sometimes folks feel nervous, but that is normal, and you can say to this space directly, "I love you." Let that message fall into your body and fill your heart's center.

These two practices are highly beneficial. For many reasons, being present and focused entirely on and in your body allows the body to soften and relax. This is a significant gift you can offer yourself and others because it also holds you in a state of stillness. A quiet mind is a healing sense of being. When we purposely settle inside the body, we are less inclined to overthink and overtalk, and we have a stable energy that envelops everyone around us. Ask anyone that has worked with me how they feel when we share time. It is often recounted as if they are drowsy or in a trance. The reason they think this way is because I am attuned to a higher vibration which is invoking the God-self in them. The feeling is unusual because it removes the constant static they encounter daily.

Overall, the body needs your faithful love to heal itself. If you are compassionate, patient, and timeless, you place selfless healing inside yourself, which emerges through you to the surrounding environment. I want to be clear that the pure sense of being is healing the body and acts as a tuning fork to envelop others within their God senses. If you are judging this, you are not gaining much from the exercise. Taking this on isn't to fix others but to work within a pure sense of compassion and relatable communication. Let's face it, we ALL wish to be heard and accepted, and by being present and grounded, we have the most incredible opportunity to be this within a calm and loving state instead of having an ego need to rescue others.

In general, we need to be more allowing in our experiences. This encourages flexibility and resilience. A rigid mind makes for a stuck body. It isn't about being refreshed as much as unlocking years of self-neglect. Healthier living is a delicate balance for each of us to figure out through our experiences. Turning within isn't only beneficial but mandatory, especially if we genuinely wish to see the world change around us. What is going on within you is reflected without you. With guidance and practice, I know you can become a powerhouse for the world to lean on.

Illness and injury go hand in hand; the body is prone to what is called a disease because the mind is disconnected from feeling grounded. The body is also susceptible to illness when burning the candle at both ends. Be self-caring and retreat daily to connect to the body, your breath, and how you feel. Doing this regularly will develop a loving, recurring healing for yourself. The self-careful practice benefits your body and mind, so be willing to enhance your feelings of self-empowerment.

Take time to reunite with the body to help these powerful energy transitions move smoothly. During this period, we are all purging a lifetime of issues from the physical body. Good health is responsive to better habits of remembering to slow down and take a break. Step back and let go of how well you do things or how much needs to get done. Just listen to your body, soothe it with light, meditation, movement, and positive affirming inside yourself. If you want more help or guidance on this process, reach out to me, and we can set up a session to help you overcome the current energy shift for your body's adjustment.

Happy 2023 friend; we are on a path of self-discovery and higher learning, and your turning inward is paramount in how this all plays out. We are one, be loving and remember you have what it takes to overcome anything.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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