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Winter Solstice~The Great Stillness

As we close down 2022, let's share a reverence for the winter solstice—a time to explore deep inside ourselves. In winter, everything lies dormant in the silent earth; it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days.

Planetary shifts and elevation of our heart's grand design help us to embrace our darkness for transmutation and awakens us from a long winter's nap. The energy of winter is to hibernate and go within—a fruitful time of exploration inside ourselves. The darkness and silence insightfully will feed our souls and open us to new inspirations that can eventually emerge. As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own personal growth cycles begins to deepen.

Why do we spend so much time suppressing and hiding our darkness? When triggered emotions arise, and we feel inconvenienced, uncomfortable, or worse, we make ourselves wrong for having them. We essentially block ourselves from clearing heartache. Stifling ourselves or repressing our feelings festers inside us like a slow time bomb. Not to be dramatic about this, but unhealthy emotions poison our minds, body, and soul. If we fear our darkness, we cut ourselves off from an indispensable source of our own personal power. We quietly erode our sense of self and connect to a muted version of victimhood.

Keep this in the back of your mind, and ask yourself if you are being a victim in a situation or stepping into your courageous truth. It is tricky to see how we disempower ourselves sometimes, but the rule here is to notice how or why you might be giving your power over to an issue or person. The key is not letting darkness overwhelm our lives and thoughts but understanding that our pain can be one of the most significant catalysts for personal growth and transformation.

More importantly, it may be the way to soulful enlightenment. In my experiences, many of my choices could have led me to a less traveled road, but until my heart was opened, I didn't hold the courage to embark on the journey of facing my hidden emotions. I finally see my darker edges and honor those feelings, allowing me to shift my mind's patterns. Until we recognize our patterns, we don't have the insight to move past them, so be open-minded, and in time, your consciousness will help to uplift your unseen habits.

In many respects, it is about allowing your feelings to guide you but not define you. As we allow ourselves to feel our emotions and experience our own darkness, the darkness can become the spiritual cradle into which our inner light and new life are reborn. In these darkest moments, we can surrender to God, sense the healing light and rejuvenate by reclaiming our sovereignty. During the Winter Solstice, take part in its great stillness and build upon your inner strength. It is mainly for us to see those feelings we deny and hollow out a new channel for them to be purged within our heart's love.

Winter Solstice is one the most potent points of the year as the earth's axis pauses, shifts, and moves in the opposite direction. In Latin, the solstice is made of two words: sol– meaning "the sun," and sistere, "to stand still" For three days around the solstice points, we experience the power of the standstill point and the shift of direction. Use this time to dive deep into the center of yourself, seek those strongly dismissive pieces and help to uncover how you hide from the darkness.

We can bring a greater sense of evolution within ourselves if there is a healthy sense of true acceptance and self-retreat. The winter solstice is an excellent time of death and rebirth as the Sun prepares for its grand return, gaining momentum as the world tilts and shifts itself. Darkness is a powerful catalyst for recreating ourselves inside the womb of our soul.

Don't pressure yourself to make changes right now or be in action in the world … let the energies of a new beginning reveal and inspire within you, and by spring, you'll be bursting with new energy and ideas. This is the nature of things… the cycles and rhythms of personal growth and change. You may want to take time to honor and acknowledge the endings and new beginnings in your life in a ceremony or personal ritual that both honors your past and clears space to make room for what you wish for the coming year.

Whatever you choose to do to mark the end of the year, the coming of the new, and the rebirth of the light— whether pausing in quiet reflection or celebrating with the community, know that many fires all over our planet are burning brightly. It is a ripple of epic proportions. We are coming to discover our light while we call others to their light. Be the change you wish to see and help to bring what new life has to offer.

Many blessings to you in the coming year!

With love,

Karen Ann

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