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You Are the Seed

Take a minute to breathe deeply and sense how unique and special you are as a human being. In the world of disharmony, it can sometimes feel like life experiences are a punishment, but that is the mind's assessment, not the heart's.

Let what is shared today resonate from heart-based energy, not emotion. You do not need to conform to how others think. You can recognize what bothers you and decide to shift yourself into a new personality. Change is not a matter of when. It is always about the how.

In the words of Yoda, "there is no try; there is only do." This moment is your chance to break free from the monotony of the unconscious programs. If we are to develop as a species, a higher power must become the focal point: it works best if we don't solely engage the mind and let go of stubborn tendencies to control. The willingness to accept infinite possibilities opens your mind to explore new choices. People can do anything once they decide to do it. You can not be strong when you have decided you are weak. You cannot be open when determined to be controlling.

Break free, my friend; we can feel our futures and become that person before it shows up in the present. Decide it and let the chips fall where they may. Decide it and take chances that seem impossible. Get into a state of assurance and stop listening to how unreasonable the mind can be. Learn to be gracious by giving yourself room to fall or make a choice that may or may not pan out. Life holds many mysteries, but if you don't take the chance, how will you ever discover how creative you are as a soul? It is time to see how invincible you are as a spiritual being. It is here for your taking. Let God work with your heart to help you realize how much of a blessing you are to this sensational life; of humanity.

Inside all of us is an eternal seed of life. It is the seed of opportunity—a seed of genuine self-love. It hides beneath the brambles of imposing thoughts. It quietly blooms in the space between your thoughts as awareness. We don't have to battle our fears. We must come to recede from them. Pain can be an excellent teacher for the heart to guide you toward surrender. It is not the truth when you are doubtful or worried. You do not need to figure everything out; you must remain vigilant, calm, and trust that the Self has you in its embrace.

Let what is written here be a message of self-evaluation and healing love. Be as open-minded and expansive as you can while remembering your true calling as a human being. What would the world be like if we all settled into our hearts and concentrated on ourselves from there? Helping others has changed my life because it has given me purpose. Most of all, it has opened me to trust, allowing me to help others find their way into God's garden of pure love.

Helping the masses isn't about getting recognition, nor is it about being famous. It is about sharing a moment of fellowship with others. The seeds we sow out of love bring renewal to this world. Seeds planted from pain grow weeds that strangulate the essence of who we are as spiritual beings. You are the seed of greatness; we are all within a beautiful garden of love and intimacy. Open yourself to an intimate connection from where you were created—help others by being committed to a loving communion with God.

There is holistic transformation when there is a healthy connection between you and God. God is the wave of Creation, the essence of who you are, my friend. Once I opened myself to healing, I felt lifted by God's abiding strength and love. Only recently have I let go of many feelings around not being enough. Although I continue to sense these wounds, I know I am falling in love with myself and this beautiful life as Karen Ann.

It is easy to forget who you are and lose sight of how wonderful this world can be. Many distracted moments wash away the awareness of how sacred you are as a spiritual being. Take a stand, don't believe the noise of the world and all its games. What if we were here to fall in love with ourselves as God? What decision do you wish to make to help support your ever-growing life? Is it a change in how you eat? How can you decide and do what it takes for your life to be renewed to your heart's deepest desires? You might do something very different or begin a new adventure. Stop living a life of others' expectations, or you will struggle through the journey, unable to find your true Self.

Things change, people change, and even as I write this, I have changed in a blink. To expand is to allow and to allow yourself freedom; it is to take the chance to be who you want to be as a healer, nurturer, and divine source of genuine love. Take this to heart and discover the truth about who you are because you do not need to remain stuck in what others have called within themselves. The truth is not about how well you live on the expectations of others; it is always about how much you love yourself to be whoever you want to be.

Live by example and use it as a template for others to find their sense of being. Don't dictate what they need to do; support them, and let the Creator figure out the rest. Live like tomorrow may never come, and remember everything you need and seek is within you now. Rest, play, and imagine a wonderful new life. Enjoy this world with all your heart; you are here for it, just as this world is here for you.

Nurture the seed of health, goodwill, and self-love, and take a break from the daily grind. The truth is always within the heart. Seek, and you shall find... all that is necessary and more.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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