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As a child, I often felt like I was different from other people. I had a strong sense that I could see things they couldn't. As I grew older, these feelings became even more substantial. At first, I didn't understand why I felt this way, but I knew I did. Early on, I gave up trying to understand the true nature of my abilities. Instead, I lived as a "normal" child, occasionally receiving nudges from my gut instincts and sometimes ignoring them altogether. I didn't want to see or know things; that wasn't what felt good to me; it was tiring to hide my abilities. So I did the only thing I could do: try and shut them off. Through my life’s journey, I came to accept that “shutting them off” wasn’t possible, and I slowly started to see them as tools to help myself. 

For over a decade, I experienced extreme stress at my demanding job. My body hurt all over, and I felt constant frustration. My stressful job caused apprehension; every night, I lay awake, cycling thoughts over things. Yet, no matter how hard things became for me at that job, I didn't leave because I felt insecure and unsure about where else I could go. My fear kept stagnant and slowly eroded me from the inside out. When I finally mustered up the courage to leave, I felt excessive anxiety and worry, but deep down, I knew it was the right direction for me.  

Now, more than fifteen years have passed since that difficult period of my life, and I wish I could say it was short, but it has taken every bit of these past fifteen years to truly accept myself on my spiritual journey as it moves along life's path. If there were advice I would have wanted to know all those years ago, the guidance would be short and sweet: you’re going to be okay, everything will work out for you, and despite the many challenges, you will not fall so far that you cannot find another way. Take things in stride and realize why you’re here; all this magic is for you, and you are the true meaning behind self-acceptance. 

There may be challenges that are always a part of our lives, but who I am today walks with trust in my heart and wisdom as my guide. I can extend this to you: whenever you feel you cannot change or go for it, remember that nothing can break you free when you are unwilling to set yourself in line with the truth. You are enough; you have what it takes to share this world within love, and we are not here to play these ordinary roles because we are all extraordinary beings of the Divine.

May you feel the truth and power of this divine truth because it is how you are here; the reality is for you to create. Be open and find ground in yourself so that your body and mind can coexist within the spiritual essence of your true self. 

All my love, 

Karen Ann

Karen Ann Intuitive
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