I believe we all have the power and the wisdom to feel better. I know how complicated things can get, and I understand how difficult life can feel. I have come to accept that I am unlimited, and whenever that little voice tells me I can't, I respond, just watch me! I want to inspire you to face your fears, call them out, and then prove them wrong! If you choose to realize your true potential, you can follow your heart and develop a life plan of incredible opportunities.

You are an incredible healer, prosperous energy of true love and light. You might not feel this, but there is nothing outside you more valuable than you. Together we take a journey to elevate your heart's desires and develop techniques to access a new vibration for your life recharge. We are all woven and entangled within this web of universal forces. Now is the invitation to cancel things that are not beneficial or healthy. It begins within you; that is the highest truth. Your healing becomes the world's healing, for there is only one soulful Self.

Please take a moment to remember when you felt healthy, fearless, and connected to whatever you felt self-inspired to develop in your life. That soul is in there, waiting to emerge within your current circumstances. Sometimes we forget how to be okay. We forget that it is our birthright to feel good. It isn't up to others to make this feeling blossom, it is on you, and I can show you how to re-establish the energy of connection and intimacy within yourself.

Meet karen

As an intuitive child, I kept things buttoned up because I feared what I felt and saw. I struggled to relate to others because I "just knew stuff." Feeling others, having premonition dreams, and getting a solid sense of knowing about things made it troublesome. Sometimes my gifts emerged, but I constantly held them back, keeping them deep inside to feel okay.

Not until my late thirties, during a health crisis, do I credit my awakening. I didn't know at the time that I was narrowing in on dire health risks. I had a lot of physical symptoms of tremendous stress, which I endured for over ten years. My body was showing telling signs of stressed-induced inflammation. I had pain all over, and feelings of frustration were often my go-to reactions. I struggled with a horrible job, and feelings of anxiousness came to me every night, leaving me caught in the throes of insomnia. I wish I could say that I listened to my gut; it kept nagging me to quit my job and live my life free of drama.

Paralyzed by fear, I stayed five years longer than I needed to. After eleven whole years, I left my job and found myself in a fast spiral; despite that feeling, however, it felt way better than where I was. Amazing how long a person will tolerate the intolerable and how good it feels to leave it behind you. I reflect on those days, and all I think is incredible gratitude for the chance to change myself, my life, and the direction my life was headed. I believe that if I hadn't spent these last fourteen years healing within myself, I'd be in an even bigger healing crisis.


Dis-ease of the body is all too common because people are overworked and in fight-or-flight stressors. It is more than necessary for all of us to change how we lead our lives. It's not good to remain in the flight or flight sensations. Our bodies cannot manage that level of unhealthy recycling processes. People want to feel safe, healthy, and financially abundant, but we cannot create those loving desires by feeling stressed, exhausted, and emotionally taxed. There is no way you can design a life of freedom when you are caught in the flow of how others want you to live. 

There can never be a point of no return unless you cannot see your true potential. Even those that have experienced cancer have found a receivership in faith and total healing. The universe is so in love with all of us. There is nothing the universe cannot or will not do for you. It is you that holds back the abundance of universal receivership. People see things from a narrow state of mind. I am cordially inviting you to tune into a stronger sense of wellness. Heal your beliefs and release your fears and pain. 

I can't speak for others, but I can share whatever you think you know about yourself or your life isn't even close to what is the truth. I can only sense that if you worry a lot, you are wasting much heartache on something that isn't worth your time or energy. I can also relay that if you regret something, feel guilty about something, or refuse to see your value; you are depleting and denying yourself great wellbeing. 


We can work within the heart, or we can continue to strangulate ourselves within the mind; that is up to everyone seeking words of validation and guidance. It is time to take responsibility and treasure life with all our might. The world is a better place because you are in it; that message also holds for me. If there is a point of no return, trust that the universe has this all figured out, and if you surrender and allow, you will find the return is available, just not in the way you may think. An alternative path is forged, and fresh energies and experiences unfold.


I cannot thank the universe enough for its hard lessons and those I created for myself. I learned to abolish time by being present, and the ego fell away, emotions shifted, and healing emerged. I am so grateful to have awakened, and it is my simple mission to help you discover the most incredible gift you'll ever give yourself, and that is the gift of pure awareness. 


A strong and loving life purpose awaits you, seeking to emerge through you as a bountiful and prosperous soul. I hope to meet you and help share a space of worthiness and joy with you. Until we meet, be well, and be aware that you are the change you seek within the world. May you be clear, healed, and rejuvenated within life as oneness.

All my love,

Karen Ann

Karen Ann Intuitive