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How To Become Worthy

You already ARE WORTHY. The world creates a lot of ideas around blame, shame, and fault in itself. Those ideas are not the essence of how Source treasures us as beings. The power of freedom isn't to abide by the rules of others. It is to give yourself a break, listen to a resounding resilient force of higher reason, and transmute the past.

Take into your heart how this matters for your self-healing. We make things harder for the sake of believing the world's assumptions. It is not true that we need to be something more; it is unnecessary to be something better. We are all ENOUGH, and where you are in this moment is entirely in your power to receive or deny the meaning of unconditional love.

People base so much emphasis on being a good or kind person. While there is some truth to being the kinder soul, there must be a sense of self-trust and self-acceptance to resemble this feeling of kindness. People forget how special they are as spiritual beings. We develop this unconscious ego that embraces a selfish embodiment; it focuses on the need to be accepted by the world outside of it.

An imbalance of emotional overload causes dis-ease in the body. Illness and injury are tale-tell signs that we are not freely asserting what is highest best for ourselves. The body works from a mindset of the past, and the only way we can reshape the outcome of what is happening is to bring the body into a higher emotional mindset, one of gratitude and empowerment. We seem to block our sense of focus by distraction, keeping us from allowing our pain to move through us lovingly. In doing that, we prolong issues, which cause troubling and painful experiences. Essentially we buy into the sensitivities of separateness and deny that we are connected to the All.

Humans have mastered a self-preservation mechanism, the ego barrier of denial and ignorance. Unconsciously the ego negates our emotional, mental, and physical health, and far too often, it is without realizing we are doing it. That said, there is help within to overcome what is causing you pain from your ideas or beliefs of the past. The power belongs to each of us and is trusting itself as love. We can take things personally or learn to live a most blessed impersonal life of peace and acceptance.

Those outside of you cannot be what you think they should be for your happiness or feeling appreciated. The ONLY soul responsible for your joy is you, which means it is your work to seek higher ground and to be compassionate to that journey as you move through it. Those around you are NOT solely responsible for what is unfolding within your world; you take your life to a new level when you accept that it is your choice to be a part of every experience you share.

Traumas can be transcended, and life can become more accessible when we see how we influence the effects of our current reality. Look at what is occurring; what is within you seeking to be within this experience? Illness, trauma, and feelings of discomfort are all working to support our spiritual evolution. Life soul teachers help us discover ourselves deeper, especially from a place of uncertainty. We can be brave. We are built for it. We can be available for anything possible because we are proof of it. What is your truth, and how can you shift your vibrational resonance toward change?

We don't need love from others to find the true essence of who we are AS LOVE—the power of self-healing values the heart's wisdom. Who I was yesterday is not who I am right now. If I only focus on what occurred yesterday, there is a high chance of recreating it today, but why would I want that for myself when the unknown is living in the present moment? If you speak of painful memories, it produces the same feelings repeatedly; the brain cannot tell time. Those emotions bind us to those traumas and prevent us from releasing them or making space for the healing we need.

You are already whole, beautiful, and worthy. What is best now? Please find a way to believe this truth; you are already worthy of the magic in this world and its beauty; you are the magic that makes it so beautiful.

Take a break, rest, reset, close your eyes, breathe into your heart, listen, care, be accepting, and then, as we all need this daily, become within the flow as you are the FLOW of pure Source.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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