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The Universal Reflection

Making the world a better place takes time and effort. We can desire others to change, but it won’t be effective because all meaningful change comes from within ourselves. To transcend ourselves, we must first understand how to reset our feelings and personal interactions, and this critical process takes time and self-reflection. The power of love is in accepting that everything happens for a greater purpose. The truth about chaos is that it is a bridge to new beginnings. The bigger the reset, the greater the mess, so take heart; the world is undergoing a metamorphosis, and you, my friend, are an integral part of that transformation.

The universe is a giant never-ending reflection, an unbiased field of energy. The universe doesn’t take sides or choose how you should live as a free-will spirit. The universe is a complex series of laws. It does not assume that what you say differs from what you genuinely feel. It bases its responses solely on your vibrational resonance to the issue or challenge. By law, the universe takes whatever you dictate as it is to be and transfers what is necessary to take on those experiences.

As creators of our personal experiences, much of our reality is based on the mind's conscious and subconscious perceptions. The unconscious mind can dictate how we feel about our current reality and be a significant player in how we interact with ourselves. For example, if a person unconsciously feels abused, then the energy of that feeling continually redirects their journey along a complex path of anger and resentment through their unconscious feelings of disempowerment. As long as a person either knowingly or unknowingly embraces victimhood, the force of that energetic signature will continue to promote and verify those feelings within every experience.

We must be open-minded and present as we decide our path because the universe uses the vibrations we hold to establish our reality. Therefore, it is healthier to be clear and concise about how this life takes shape. That is the law of vibration. This law says that our vibrational frequency can inform our lived experience. Therefore, there is never a point where the vibrational being is unmatched by its experiences. Every experience you have is meant for you because your emotional frequency is a match, and there is no way to have it otherwise.

The law of vibration works in every area of our life. Therefore, if enough people uplift their vibrational resonance to healthier beliefs, this synergy becomes a reset of higher consciousness. Higher consciousness ushers in a more loving and compassionate vibration. Now more than ever, it is essential to our world’s evolution that we interact from a loving space and value the perceptions of others without buying into any specific truth as an absolute based on how we feel at that moment. The fear we hold can sometimes overshadow our sense of intuitive reading; this can sometimes redirect us away from healthier feelings. It is beneficial to work on being impersonal and remain neutral to the events unfolding around you.

By understanding the laws of the universe, we can learn to treat ourselves with greater compassion and self-love. As we develop this sense of being, we transcend others through self-awareness and reflect this back to the world’s collective. We do not need to be fancy or overextended in this either; just be willing to breathe kinder things about yourself and try not to buy into the illusion of the surrounding play.

We cannot be responsible for how others behave or align with their experiences. We aren’t meant to be our brothers and sisters' keepers. Truly focus on how well you show up for the world’s transformation. If you trust in love, be willing to express this endlessly to everything and everyone around you. If you trust you are a part of that love, share that within yourself religiously. If you rely on faith to guide you within this world, that makes a powerful statement of healing within your life, and that will ripple within all space, time, and dimensions.

Each of us will walk a path of profound transcendence, which works as the vibrational match aligns. Keep in mind that the world doesn’t need another guru or thought of being a guru; it needs what it needs, unconditional love and self-awareness as a being of spiritual alignment. So be mindful of your words, thoughts, and actions; they are a prayer that is reliably sent out to the universe and indiscriminately reflected into your reality.

Live, love, and laugh with an open mind and heart because the universe is transforming our world one soul at a time, and you are that soul, and this is your time to shine!

All my love,

Karen Ann

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