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The Revelations of the Senses

It has been some time since my previous post, and I want to express my gratitude for your patience.

Let us pause to come together and share this space collectively. Start by being fully present with yourself and deliberately choosing to be open and compassionate. This will help the messages resonate with you and enable you to hear whatever you need. The time we spend together is timeless when you're with me, so this shared space will always be open to your senses as long as this post exists.

The moon tonight calls upon everyone to embrace their senses, dreams, and imagination for a fresh start. It is not just any ordinary beginning but one that compels you to vocalize it into the universe, surpassing the limits of your mind's imagination. By envisioning the grandest concept without imposing restrictions, you open yourself up to a fresh influx of sensations, enhancing your overall human experience.

Have the courage to dream and, above all, dare to imagine whatever your heart longs for. Today, make sure to allocate some time to reflect on and articulate your aspirations for yourself, your family, your friends, and the world at large. Take the time to care enough about yourself to create and actively experience a new and improved life. Change is inevitable as transformative forces constantly influence the world. However, it takes time for these forces to overshadow the deeply ingrained programs of humanity.

In my humble view, both you and I experience heartache due to our egos, but that doesn't imply that we cannot overcome it or that it defines who we are. As an embodied soul, the person is smaller than the source of the I AM. This spiritual essence guides you through various twists and turns, facilitating your evolution towards new beginnings. If this is what is timeless for you, then take it as a sign to start a new life.

Allow yourself to be immersed in a wave of worthiness by repeating a mantra that affirms your constant deservingness and worthiness for epic adventures. If we fail to witness this firsthand, we will easily succumb to feelings of inadequacy and insignificance. You have the inherent right to seek inner peace. Therefore, I encourage you to engage in a sacred written ritual tonight where you freely express yourself and share your thoughts and emotions with abandon. Please feel free to write about anything you desire, ensuring your writing is specific, thoughtful, and reflects a sense of expertise and confidence.

Cautionary message: Speak with authority and confidence, expressing your beliefs and convictions without asking for validation. Speak as if your desires have already been fulfilled and communicate your alignment with them, acknowledging your inherent right to manifest them through your free will.

Strive to discover your best and most compassionate version, always present within you. We possess everything necessary, but we must transform to embrace this as the truth entirely. It's alright if you are still waiting to see immediate results in your reality. Remember that you are planting the seeds for a new harvest, which requires care and nurturing. It is unrealistic to expect immediate results when planting a garden. Similarly, in pursuing your dreams, it is crucial to remain committed. Visualize your dream every morning and night, and approach it with the mindset that it is already accomplished. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood of achieving your goal.

Everything is going well. Believe that we are transforming, and remember that not everyone will be transitioning to new beginnings. Accept this reality and remain watchful of your fears. Don't let anything hinder your freedom to express yourself through singing, dancing, and playing as a beautiful spiritual being. We are all embarking on a journey filled with love, and you play a significant role in the collective healing of humanity, which I hope you can comprehend.

With its beauty, the moon collaborates with the soul to establish balance and co-create. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with yourself as a unified entity and extend this oneness to the world around you. What is within will manifest as what is outside. If you suffer from fear or emotional unrest, that signals you to begin a self-clearing, self-reflection, and self-care cycle. Meditate, release, and above all, those feelings of pain stem from what is written within yourself from childhood traumas and imposed beliefs.

I now perceive things in a different light, as the pain from my past has become less intrusive. Life itself feels like a precious treasure, allowing me to embrace the true essence of freedom. The ego is not necessarily an enemy, but it can deceive us when we have unresolved trauma. We must be aware of our emotions and live from a place of authenticity and compassion. If we can embrace and share this beautifully complete love, we can nurture and cultivate it within ourselves.

We are all on a journey of self-discovery, which is a natural part of life. We must pause and reflect instead of judging others or avoiding our fears. Take a moment to connect with your inner self and discover the genuine purpose that gives meaning to your existence on this planet. The most meaningful gift we can offer is to respond with grace and provide encouragement with compassion. The purpose of our lives is to bring about change in our world. As an individual, you are an integral part of this mission, meaning you have something important to contribute from within yourself.

To create a positive change in the world, strive to embody the qualities you admire. By embracing unconditional love and aligning with your true self, you can pave the way for a fresh start.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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