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The Call of the Universe

You are stronger than you know. You deserve to be here. You belong where you are because you shine the true essence of Source within yourself.

This is the song in my heart, the pearls of great wisdom and security that floods me when I settle inside my heart and breathe into it.

Being within is where you belong. Welcome home to the heart's love; the power and strength of your soul reside within this spacious universe. Healthy living is not about keeping up with the outside world. You're bigger than you realize, the world is inside of you, and the reality you share with others is a testament to what you hold within. Ideas of separation can blind us and erode our sense of Self.

Try to sense what feels best for you. Try to bring the mind to a quiet space, breathe into the heart and FEEL what the heart truly wishes for you. Don't be mesmerized by your thoughts; that is not how the heart seeks to be "heard." The heart is subtle, softer than words; a nudge or a sense of knowing will float to the surface if you still yourself enough to refrain from rushing in. Be in the moment; the ONLY moment that matters is this one.

You are safe to be you, to share yourself without guarding yourself, to remove those walls, and open your heart for freedom. Within you is the sacred Source; watch the power of love help you to decide new choices, remake old beliefs, and remove thoughts that block you from trusting your intuition.

My dear, you are perfect. You are sublime. You are more than deserving to be a peace. Help is not outside you; it is where you begin and end; it is your essence, the guidance of softening and trust. It is the power of how you sense yourself as LOVE. If you seek those around you to be your biggest cheerleaders, then my dear, you forget the most important cheerleader of them all, the heart of your Soul.

How do you see yourself? What is your biggest fear? Where do you guard yourself against trusting yourself above all else? Why do you believe what others have said about you? Seek the answers to these questions, for there is only wellness before you when you serve yourself above all else.

It is not easy to be here, but what a world of wonderment! The noise of your mind is insatiable; the logical mind never conveys the truth, the fear we all create is imaginary, and the general world around us is a dream of our beliefs. Help is within you; why not belong within that guidance and serve yourself from a place of truth?

What if I told you, you don't need to live like this anymore? What if I told you that your efforts to seek answers outside you are futile? What if you were wrong all along? What if there IS more to sense than see or hear? Why do you continue to believe the thoughts of others over your own? Please remember we do have a responsibility here; we are ALL RESPONSIBLE for how we share ourselves. We are ALL RESPONSIBLE for OURSELVES, not others. We are NOT here to be the "fixer," keeper," or the "teacher."

My work is not to teach anyone but to realize within myself these truths. Settle into your heart, breathe within it, and repeat after me: "I DESERVE TO BE HERE; I DESERVE TO BE WHOEVER I WISH TO BE, AND I DESERVE TO SHARE GREAT HEART-FELT LOVE WITHIN ME. Then and only then can I express this into the world for others to feel and share within themselves. So be it."

My dear, what if we were all duped from the start? What will you do with the knowledge of the ancient ones? Why is this life of yours superior to any life you have ever shared as a soul? This life is happening within every dimension, every timeline, every moment NOW. We carry no future or past; there is ONLY NOW. Stop trying to achieve beingness; you cannot achieve what is already yours. Just BE PRESENT NOW.

I am thankful for healing within myself, the shadows of my heartache ran deep, but when I received the song of my heart in prayer, I knew I needed to trust and embrace it with total faith. I chose a new healthier expression inside me to LOVE no matter what. We are LOVE; THAT IS ALL THAT IS. There is only L O V E.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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