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The Journey

The journey is a passage for each of us to travel. We develop ourselves along the road of creativity and flow. If that is hard to see as a human mind, then I suggest you translate this message within your soulful heart. It is time to reclaim your sovereign Self as a being of greatness.

You are more than a person of circumstance or repressed fears. You are a fabric of truth woven within the realm's dream. You exist because of the soul, the true representative of your life.

You are the outcome of this fantastic state of shared experience. It is a magical period that is unfolding for humanity. I am very grateful for your participation in this version of my" Soul's Play." You are essential and bring beautiful attributes to this synergy we call humanity. If only all of humanity took a moment to reflect a sense of grace, we would heal this world instantly. However, it is not a problem that it is not aligned that way because this journey of separation is how we are supposed to find our way; through the darkness, we converge and realize our light as one. Separateness is the true pandemic here; it is an illusion of the ego that makes us believe we cannot heal.

The power of faith is finding the trust to go beyond the mind's limitations and discover the universe within ourselves. I know how difficult this shift can feel because it is sometimes draining, heartbreaking, and even disempowering. Still, ultimately those feelings shall pass, and you find yourself on the other side, ready to transform your life from a higher sense of mind.

It has come to me today to speak about placing trust in ourselves. Without our hearts in the game, we become cynical and blinded by the deception of our thoughts. We deny our perfection because we trust what others have stolen from us. It is time, my friend, to find a way, to become the true embodiment of healthy living, to believe in yourself as the healer. To be the healer only means to face your fears within you. To be the healer means to be ready to forgive yourself and those around you. Being the healer means being prepared for life change and embracing that change with complete compassion and joy. To stand alone or together as we are empowered forces of Healing light.

The universe is calling you here; can you see this through? I invite you to share a prayer of healing, compassion, and gratitude within yourself. I can see you. I can hear you. I can feel you fully within me. I know who you are and why you have come to this world. There is a life of love awaiting you; without you, that love is not as complete as it can be from within. Transmute your feelings and live within your heart as vulnerability is trusting you are enough. Thank you, my friend, for being in this stage of my life.

It is your journey; your steps leave an ever-lasting imprint on this earth. It is your breath that is a prayer of resolution or dilemma. How you share yourself in your words, thoughts, and deeds defines your heart and limits your outcome. Treat this journey with more grace, show up, be willing, step into your strength, and take back your life. Take back your essence as a benevolent being, timeless and whole. Look in the mirror, and share a moment of true healing; beyond those eyes is the universe you seek. It is time to replenish and believe in yourself.

Today is reborn, and YOU are the baby of this rebirth. Now grow within new feelings, feel less stress, and embrace total faith. The time has come to cast away those doubts and refine your intentions; your nourishment is within all new beginnings. Imagine it to be so, and it shall reveal itself and materialize. Let's take this valuable message to heart and help within the current human shift by taking steps from a place of faith and security. I promise you are equipped for the truth to break us free. It is now, and that is what makes this perfection.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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