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Trust the Dance

We all need to experience life without making the past our sole focus. Sometimes it is during the most desperate hours that we learn the humility of surrender. Learning to breathe again is helpful in so many ways. The power in the healing we experience invites pureness through genuine wisdom.

Embrace stillness to help break free from the insatiable mind. It is time to retrain ourselves and choose to open our hearts to faith on our journey. We are standing on the precipice of change which means that all of us are to re-evaluate our roles as they were and regain our true essence within the faith and heartfelt connection necessary to empower healing.

Our hearts are full and our minds empty when we believe in the love of where we started. Love is for everyone, and everything is created from that love. Your very life is made within the thread of imagination and generosity. It is the power of hearts everywhere that helps to replenish this world both inside and out. It is not for me to fix myself. It is for me to realize that whatever I need, I already have, I already am. You are the very same, the same heart, love, and light that beckons others toward better connections and well-being.

If you don't yet recognize that your true potential is more about your self-acceptance, it is my honor to help you remember how special and valuable you are as this fantastic soul. Illuminating your path is a benevolent being holding you within its love. It is difficult to recognize this sometimes; we have many distractions, thoughts, and rules that prevent us from tuning into our magnificence. We develop this identity that holds us bound to judging ourselves.

Healing yourself is how we shift and transform the world. It is far more significant for one to awaken than never to have found their healing star. In many of us, a breath of free will is born into a body to explore the world of matter. Within this sense of truth, a more extraordinary non-physical aspect encapsulates the form as its heart and mind. As we travel the path of life, we transform and traverse many entranced experiences. These revolutionizing life stories unfold in the opportunities of our love to bring within ourselves more profound love.

Keeping what matters most within the forefront of our minds can be difficult because of a never-ending flow of unconsciousness that moves through us and around us. It is challenging to stay aligned sometimes. Heartache and wounds of our earlier years can interfere quietly as we take on the challenges of living in an intense and dynamic world. Burdensome feelings block what is possible and can make us feel like we are in a stalemate.

In times of stress, it isn't easy to recognize that it is an incredible opportunity to embody profound love. It is easier to want something simple or more straightforward than face the hard stuff, but it is in that hardship that true ingenuity is born. Our most creative and empowered moments for humanity have been within the hardest of experiences. It is a right of passage in many ways to figure out a solution for the issues we create for ourselves. Sometimes the universe will generate a resounding dilemma for an individual to surrender within the calamities only to find the connection and faith needed to overcome the descent.

In the past, I have fallen hard and fast, and in doing so, I learned an immeasurable but loving lesson about trusting the Creator. I can recall how desperate I felt as I begged for help, and I remember the feeling of dread as if it were yesterday, but I am confident about one thing. Without those unexpected and sometimes expected dilemmas, I would not be where I am today. I realize how valuable I am as a soul to the grand scheme of this world's healing. I chose to be here in this time, this life. I decided to feel into myself and figure out that my greatest gift is joy and selflessness. I chose to experience what I have and where I am for the greater good, just as you have.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean, friend. Don't beat around the bush for the sake of others, don't wait for someone else to figure things out for you. Take the bull by its horn and show yourself how intuitive and creative you are as a being. You don't need to be right or fear failure; those two expressions don't exist for the Creator. The heart is your guide, and your intuition its compass. I don't believe in heartlessness anymore, I can see how we can view others as heartless, but they are only lost. Treat life as a gift, and be willing to want what is best for everyone.

Trust the dance, and believe in the impossible because I know that we can do anything if we truly desire and choose to be faithful to our hearts. I know how life challenges us, and many have yet to remember how special they are. It is never too late, never too little, to welcome home your true light and let yourself shine for the world to see. You are within everything, and everything is within you. Drink that in, take a moment to self-reflect, and feel this to your core. You are one with God, love, me, the world, and deep into the cosmos; you belong to all, and all belong to you.

With love,

Karen Ann

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