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You ARE Free

Free will is an extraordinary energy of life force embodiment. It is the sole purpose of the earth and its inhabitants. By universal law, free will says that human beings are allowed to descend or ascend into whatever they want for their soul's experience. Freedom is within the choices and feelings we express to ourselves and the world.

In everything that exists, there is freedom to express, feel, accept, and reject what is happening within your world. There is a surge of empowerment in that thought; think about it; you are free to feel caged, and you are free to realize true peace. There are souls that you relate to who bring a particular responsibility to your evolution. Some beings show up for short momentous shifts and then fade as quickly as they arrive.

In most long-term relationships, we purposefully align with lifetime connections that act as teachers or guides to each other. These are not always easy and can be strongly aligned with fighting or ill intentions, but also equally aligned to great companionship and unconditional acceptance. Either way, they are essential teachings for all of us to express and receive great wisdom in this game we call life.

Timelessness the Source is not afraid of heart-healing experiences. This may not be easy to believe, but nothing in life works against our free will. It is never out of our infinite control, it might be restrictive, but there is always a reasonable sense that will help us understand why or how these patterns of challenges exist. We cannot continue to blame others for our sense of inadequacy. We cannot continue to be oppressive within ourselves. It is time to shine, and you, my dear, are free to shine or to dim what is boldly calling from within you.

If you choose to be different and take the necessary steps to help yourself, that is free will toward self-empowerment. If you dislike how life is showing up but don't do anything to change it within yourself, that is your free will choice to remain as you are. Take a moment to sense this for yourself. The idea of freedom is not from a governing body standpoint; the freedom which I share is all-encompassing, for there is only freedom; you are always free to believe, behave, and be whomever you wish into your life. How you feel and relate to situations is freely yours to choose.

The important message here is that YOU need to change, not the other person or situation. They have the freedom to express themselves however they wish, and it is YOUR free will choice to respond or react to it however YOU wish. It is never about fixing others or demanding they change; it is up to YOU to be the demonstrator of unity and conscious awareness by deleting ego assumptions. It is hard to step back, which I can attest to, but we all need to fall sometimes; we all need to seek less approval from the outside world and trust that everything we need can only be found inside us.

Source does not force nor require us to live a certain way. The Source makes no assumptions on our behalf, meaning it will not intervene or intercept our choices along our journey. Source genuinely wants us to remember who we are, fall in love with ourselves as spiritual beings, and realize we are already whole. Stop and think about this for a moment. How do you choose to experience the world around you and then ask yourself, how can I sense the strength within me to let go of my need to control what is here?

This post's moral is to allow people to be whoever they are; it is our work to focus on ourselves for higher life choices. UNCONDITIONAL is the love of Source, God, the Great All. Unconditional love fears nothing, helps without needing to, and sees things as a choice rather than a problem. It is never about self-need or self-lack. It is simple and elegant when aligned with true purpose from a state of being.

We remember we were created within this true essence of that love. Free will is freedom, you are free, and the law of the universe deems it so, be selflessly driven; fear is a blinding deception, hiding behind our best intentions. Speak lovingly within yourself; as you do, you will find the full scope of natural balance in time. You can shift your state of mind to a more self-loving, unconditional heart-based lifestyle, but there is a point zero space that requires you to settle within your heart and listen without assuming stories from the past. All is well, dear soul; it is free to be whatever feels best for you. If that is pained, be pained; if that is love without restrictions, shine that light within as without! Love to you, for we are one.

All my love,

Karen Ann

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